Your Preferences can not be read on Chrome- How to fix


“Your Preferences can not be read. Some Features may be unavailable and changes to preferences won’t be saved” when Chrome browser profile fails or malicious extensions are installed on your Chrome browser.

To solve this problem, please refer to the article below of the network administrator.

Fixed “Your Preferences can not be read” on Chrome browser:

To fix ” Your Preferences can not be read ” on your Chrome browser, follow these steps:


Before you take the steps to correct your “Your Preferences,” you should back up your bookmarks on your Chrome browser.

Step 1: Recreate the Chrome profile folder


You must enable hidden files to perform this process. To activate the hidden files, follow the steps below:

– Go to Start => Control panel => Folder Options and click the View tab.

Here you select the Show hidden files, folders, and drives option and hide the Hide protected operating system files option , and then click OK.

1. Close your Chrome browser.

2. Navigate the path below, delete (or rename) the User Data folder:

– On Windows 8, 7, or Vista:

C:Users\AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser Data

– On Windows XP:

Local SettingsApplication DataGoogleChromeUser Data

3. Open your Chrome browser to check for errors.


When Chrome starts, the browser will automatically create a new User Data folder.

4. Restore the bookmarks file is finished.


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