XSplit vs OBS: What is the best stream app?

In the Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit comparison guide in this article from Taimienphi.vn, you will understand and know which live video software should best suit your needs and your work.

Among the many leading online streaming platforms, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit are two of the software that support users to play live video on Facebook or to effectively direct Facebook alliances. The Open Broadcaster Software is used by many gamers in LOL.

However, when compared to Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit, many are skeptical in determining whether to use Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit to deliver the best Facebook experience, best suited to their needs. and computer configuration. With the sharing in this article, hope readers will know the pros and cons of each software to have the most lucrative decisions when choosing the tool to play Facebook directly or play video Alliance directly.


It’s possible that platform support and pricing is something that users are particularly interested in, especially when choosing live streaming software such as Broadcast Software (OBS) and XSplit.

– Broadcaster Software (OBS): This software gives users all the functionality for video streaming free to everyone.

– XSplit is free for the Free version, and users will pay $ 2.5 / month (36 months) for Personal License or $ 4.17 / month for 36 months Premium License.

Although there is a price difference between a free version and a paid version on a monthly basis, the price difference will certainly bring about a certain benefit to the feature.

In fact, Broadcaster Software (OBS) has better sound quality management but does not have the same features as the premium paid version of Xsplit, such as the blue screen simulator. can be considered as one of the advantages of Xpslit compared to Broadcaster Software (OBS).

In particular, Xsplit offers a number of powerful game overlays that allow viewers to watch and respond to chats, especially overlay features in XSplit that allow you to perform many of the same functions in the same game. screen. Meanwhile, if using Broadcaster Software (OBS), users will need to invest in a second monitor.

Conclusion: If you have two monitors, using Broadcaster Software (OBS) is probably more economical than XSplit, while if you do not want to spend on a second monitor, XSplit will definitely help. great for you.


In tests of performance, the tester played Team Fortress 2 on a computer and played live video with both Broadcaster Software (OBS) and XSplit and compared.

Broadcaster Software (OBS): The game can stream with 720p HD resolution and 30fps frame rate but can not reach 720p HD resolution, 60fps. However, Broadcaster Software (OBS) can achieve a 60fps frame at a resolution of 1152 x 658 pixels.

During the livestream with OBS software there will still be a case of error, for the usual errors when live stream with OBS, you can refer to the guidance of Taimienphi.vn to fix common problems when live stream with OBS slightly.

– XSplit: When streamy Team Fortress 2 game with XSplit Ganecaster, the result is the same as with Broadcaster Software (OBS). Unfortunately, XSplit Gamecaster can not reach 60fps at 1152 x 658 resolution, even if set up in-game, users can not play games.

The gameplay that is used to play Team Fortress 2 is heavily dependent on the CPU’s ability to deal with the GPU, in that the tester uses the same QuickSyncs render setup on OBS and XSplit.

Conclusion: Even so, we can see that OBS was actually much better than XSPlite even when it was free software.


Broadcaster Software (OBS): The initial setup of Broadcaster Software (OBS) can be difficult for new users and requires detailed instructions for use. In particular, Broadcaster Software (OBS) also lacked the ability to overlay, monitor performance or other stream control features.

– XSPlit Gamecaster : Easy to set up, the default configuration works pretty well, but users need to refine the resolution and some other settings in XSplit Gamecaster to achieve the highest efficiency.

The overlay feature in the game allows easy viewing of the episode for all time, easy subscribe, follow or set up webcam feed. This can be considered as one of the XSPit points that easily beat OBS

XSplit is easy to use at home and everywhere, but performance issues as mentioned above can be a big barrier to XSplit. Broadcaster Software (OBS) basically needs to be used with the browser open in the background, and if you do not have a second monitor, you will hardly be able to stream games or play live video easily.

Conclusion: Based on ease of use and ease of operation, XSplit is far superior to Broadcaster Software (OBS).


– Broadcaster Software (OBS):

Broadcaster Software (OBS) provides a lot of customization and plugin support right in the software. Although the software initially seemed to be more difficult to manipulate and use than XSplit, you will have more exciting experiences using Broadcaster Software (OBS).

– XSplit:

The XSplit live streaming software does not provide much customization and lack of plugin support for users. Although users can stream on XSplit easily without plugins, this leads to some conflicts.

Conclusion: Although users will encounter some initial barriers to user interface and experience, however, if you have experience, using Broadcaster Software (OBS) is easy and convenient. than XSplit thanks to its powerful plugin support and customization.


Based on many analyzes and comparisons of OBS and XSplit, it can be seen that the choice of direct video playback software depends on the user’s needs. When comparing Broadcaster Software’s (OBS) and XSplit live streaming software, users will need to rely on the advantages and disadvantages of each live video player to choose from.

If Broadcast Software (OBS) is free, with the ability to customize and support the plugin, XSplit supports overlay and some advanced settings such as green fonts. … Meanwhile, Broadcaster Software (OBS) In terms of performance, customization and plugin support, XSplit has probably lost to Broadcaster Software (OBS).

Broadcaster Software (OBS) or XSplit are quite convenient tools for users in general and for gamers in particular, the players often stream lol through these two software, making the stream stream lol on Facebook more and more. common. In addition, many users choose one of two tools to play live video through the computer.

Open Broadcaster is not The software is difficult to install on a user’s computer, but if you have not already installed Open Broadcaster successfully and are still struggling to use, refer to how to install Open Broadcaster on Download for free to know how to install the most accurate.