Windows Detected A Hard Disk Problem – Fix It Now!


Maybe the hard drive is not the most important part of getting your personal computer up and running. But when the message ” Windows detected a hard disk problem ” appears on the PC screen, then quickly “cure” the hardware date immediately by the ability to very high data, the information you have thickly created. erection and arrangement risked disappearing. 

Possible causes are errors

There are many causes for the error message ” Windows detected a hard disk problem “.

Do not disregard the message "Windows detected a hard disk problem"!
Do not disregard the message “Windows detected a hard disk problem”!

Common system errors can also warn you about hard drive failure. Potential system errors such as registry errors, RAM corruption, file fragmentation, excessive downloads, viruses, malware, etc. For these systems, we can try to recover by cleaning up the junk files. , update.

Physical or logical damage on the hard drive is a sure sign of danger. Windows has detected a hard disk problem to inform you about data loss prevention. Bad sectors, metamorphism systems, physical collisions are the reasons to be considered.

Viruses can also be suspicious. In theory, your PC will not be infected as long as the protection is strong enough. However, this does not mean that these programs can recover system damage after eliminating malicious code lines.

Uninstalling an unfinished program, improper shutdowns, accidental deletion of important files also causes system corruption, missing important connection data to keep the computer operating normally.

How to fix “Windows detected a hard drive problem”

Use System File Checker

Windows provides the basic tools to correct errors that many common users may not know.

Use the Windows + Q key combination and search for Command Prompt . Right-click the program and select Run as administrator.

In the window that pops up, type in the sfc /scannow line and confirm by pressing Enter .

Fast and efficient wall-mounting immediately if any file system is degraded. This command will scan all system files and replace the problematic file with a backup copy. So do not turn off the program until the process is 100% complete.

Execute ChkDsk

If the first way is not working, maybe the second way is to report “Windows detected a hard disk problem“.

Do the same thing with the Command Prompt. Once the program window has appeared, type in the chkdsk command line and confirm.

The main function of the chkdsk command is to find and fix errors for the NTFS or FAT file system . Therefore, if “Windows detected a hard disk problem” is actually caused by system files, chkdsk will be able to fix the problem.

Check Bad Sector

There are many ways to test the Bad Sector and usually with the help of third party software such as EasyUS or Partition Guru.

How to fix "Windows detected a hard disk problem" with PartitionGuru.
How to fix “Windows detected a hard disk problem” with PartitionGuru.

Download the application, select Disk> Verify or Repair Bad Sector. A report of the status of the hard drive will be made when the process is complete.

The weakness of this program is that physical defects can not be reversed.

Contact Warranty

With a physical error that can not be repaired on its own, the last solution is to contact the support team of the dealer where you bought your hard drive or any reputable repair center. other. It may cost you money, but it’s more secure with expert help.