Windows 10 Home vs Pro: What is the different?

Although the Windows 10 operating system is the latest, stable and smoother product, it comes with the tradition of Microsoft – split multiple versions. In order to distinguish between these two products, blogtip helps you to synthesize the most basic things, so you can choose the most suitable operating system for your computer.

If we only count on the PC, we will have a total of 7 operating systems, and on mobile, there will be two versions. PC versions will include:

Windows 10 Pro – Windows 10 Singles Language – Windows 10 Home – Windows 10 Home – Windows 10 Home – Windows 10 Home – Windows 10 IoT Core.

Similarities of Windows 10 Home and Pro

Both have Cortana virtual assistants, Star Menu and Live Titles, Tablet Mode, Microsoft Edge browser … In general, the integrated software to serve users on the system are the same.

However, the differences will be pretty much.

If you analyze into the system, we will see the security flaws of Windows 10 Home compared to Windows 10 Pro.

Windows 10 Home does not include Windows Infomation Protection and Bitlocker (which encrypts the entire operating system and drives, avoiding information leaks).

Both functions and users are clearly defined by Microsoft:

  • Windows 10 Home: is the lowest version, intended for individual users. Built-in features such as Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Tablet Mode, Windows Hello …
  • Windows 10 Professional: For individual users, but with more advanced features. Supports IT management of small business devices and applications, protection of sensitive data, and more. It also allows users to access Windows update for Business.

In addition, Windows 10 Pro what Windows 10 Home does not match?

In conclusion, Windows 10 Pro will be most suitable for users in the field of IT and more functions than Windows 10 Home. However, if your computer is low-profile, just to serve the most basic needs in the home, Windows 10 will be a more affordable and affordable choice.