WinDirStat – Monitor hard drive space

In the following article, I will introduce you to the free WinDirStat tool – which lists and shows how much of the hard drive space is being used.

Currently, WinDirStat supports over 12 different languages, default is English, but you can change at any time as you like. Languages ​​available include: Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Estonian, Hungarian, English, French, Finnish, Spanish, German and Czech. The installation process is very simple, and during the initial boot, the program will ask you which hard disk partition to check. The user can select either one partition or all:

Depending on storage size and data, this process will take place quickly or slowly:

When finished, the program will display the results in a graph as follows:

The main function of WinDirStat is to give users an overview of the current state of the hard drive. Specifically, the window above shows the most used files, and in descending order, but you can change the settings quickly and easily. The list shown below is a treemap, with many different cubes, representing different types of data files – these files are marked with color and are followed by the extension, Like in the right pane.

When you want to find out more information, just right click on the corresponding data area:

WinDirStat can be considered as one of the essential utilities in every computer, and with this tool, users will be able to easily monitor and monitor all of them. The specific data storage status on each partition or hard drive. Good luck!