Who is Millennials


The Millennials are a term used to refer to people born between 1980 and the early 2000s. Are they special? Let’s explore!

The Millennials generation, also known as the Y generation, refers to people born between 1980 and the early 2000s (18-35). These are people who grew up with social media such as forums, blogs, facebook … at the same time they are the mainstream workforce of the present and the future. Currently, Vietnam accounts for about 35% of the population.

This group of people is favored by such names because Millennials have more access to technology and social media. They mainly use social media to connect with each other and their way of working is somewhat different from that of other groups.

Some characteristics of the Millennials generation

On how to communicate:

  • 51% communicate with others by talking face to face
  • 19% via email
  • 14% of the message

Most Millennials think that having flexible time is more effective than doing it for a fixed period of time. They have a habit of checking email after hours.

80% of Millennials said they would work for 4 or less 4 companies throughout their life. This may indicate that they are a kind of loyal employee?

Many people believe that Millennials have poor work ethics compared to other groups. However, 50% of Millennials think they are less efficient because their ages are not prepared for their first job and they need to strengthen their own. They agree that this can be improved by reducing the use of social networking while at work.

Millennial is a much more desirable generation as more balanced, healthier lifestyles, and they want to have more information about the company, its products and business practices. They also expect the product can serve more for them and their community. They excel in a fast-paced world that requires an active lifestyle. They attach importance, even to the need for connectivity, convenience, and options that allow them to be controlled.

Are you a Millennial? Let us know your current working style as well as whether you agree with the information above.