What’s new in Outlook.com in 2018

What’s new in Outlook.com in 2018


Outlook reached 2018 is extended than ever. For a long time, it has included the changes and improvements that were shown in the beta version of Outlook.com. While it’s an option to use, we recommend doing so in a way that starts to familiarize yourself with what will be the final mail, without counting the number of advantages it has in terms of usability.

This new version focuses on improving the user experience, with significant advances in programming, design, and artificial intelligence. This has enabled outlook.com to improve the web experience in some areas.

To use the beta version, once inside your email, simply click on “beta tester”. You can disable that option when you want and return to the previous version of Outlook.com.


Although Outlook.com has changed a lot over the past year (2017), the mailing list has remained virtually the same throughout its existence.

To enter, of course you have to remember your username (email address), please note that it may be as follows: ejemplo@outlook.com or ejemplo@hotmail.com or ejemplo@msn.com. For some countries, you can change “.com”.

You may also have subscribed to your personalized email, for example: miemail@personalizado.com. If you created or configured your account with a phone number, you can get started with that phone number. Finally, you can also sign in with your Skype account. We highlight these tips because there is a percentage of users who are unsuccessful when they have to enter the username of their account.

The other basic part is remembering passwords. This is where problems arise because of a very high rate of people forgetting or confusing them. Therefore, at the time of your account registration, we always recommend placing an email or phone number instead. For later use, recover your password more easily. If you are one of those who do not remember your password, I recommend you look in the same post, the “I do not remember my password”.

How to sign in Outlook.com 2018

We import from our browser to www.outlook.com. A screen like this will appear ↙. There we enter our email, phone or Skype.

Once you have completed the first box. You must enter your password. There is nothing simpler than that. Unless you do not mind it. If so, take a look here


Higher speed

Improved search options, faster, responsive and smarter. With a more modern look and much simpler. You will have a design and configuration that allows you to view, read, attach files and images faster.

The way your inbox looks can be easily edited. Click the gear (Configuration) option first opened by default as “fast configuration”. There you can change the way you see the inbox to give it the look and feel you want.

Mailbox smarter

We say it’s smarter because the text has become more interactive. When you write a message, Outlook can highlight the keywords in the text of the message and thus suggest useful information to you, such as restaurants near you, flight information, among other things. When you click on one of those keywords, suggestions will appear if you want, you can insert them into the message.

To do this, you must have the option to “Offer keyword offers in my mail” and “Use the location of your browser to find nearby places” in Settings >> Mail >> Composer.

All photos are in the same place

On the other hand, in this new version you will have all the photos you receive and send from your email in one place and will allow you to easily share them with anyone you want.


Forgot password is very common among users who use different web tools that require certain security to log in, as in the case of Outlook.com. Restoring it is very simple, as long as you have followed all of the suggested steps at the time you signed up for the account.

If, on the other hand, you did not do it, it would be a difficult task to achieve, but not impossible. It is worth clarifying that it will require your efforts to get back a password for your account.

We will make this part of the entry as detailed as possible since we know that many users need it. Frequent to frequent questions and queries in our blog and our forum (outlookforo.com) with the legend “I forgot my password now what do I do?” or “I can not access my Outlook account”. We hope it serves you.

Well, then let’s see step by step how to recover the password in case you forget it.

After entering www.outlook.com and placing your mail, when you request a password, as you do not know, you must click on the link that says “I forgot my password”

Once you’ve clicked on the link as indicated in step one. A new screen will appear as shown below. In it, you must indicate which account you wish to recover passwords for. And complete Catcha in the box below (Catcha is the uppercase and lowercase letters). After that, click next.

This recovery phase is the key. If, when you created your account, you provided an alternate email or your mobile phone number, they only had to specify which of them would send you information to retrieve your password. friend. They will send you a link that you must enter and create a new password. Such simple.

But if you do not, you do not provide any means of communication. You should select the “I do not have any of these” option.

Before you start working hard, Outlook will ask you if you have a recovery code. This is a 25 character code that you may have been provided for some time, so you can save it and use it in situations like this, that is, to restore the account. However, we know that very few people have it or keep it. So go ahead

Now if hard work begins. In the first case what you should do is indicate which account you want to recover the password (although you will not recover it but you can put another one).

That would be in the first box.

In the second box, you must indicate an alternate email that the Outlook team will contact you. This email must be an alternate email from you or someone you trust. Of course, this email must be different from the one you are trying to retrieve.

Then click Next.

They will then notify you that they have sent you a code to the email you provided in the previous message. Just find that code and enter the code in the box and hit Check.

In the screenshot below, you will see how the mail is that you will receive. So, you should know the email you receive from the Microsoft Account Team. Do not answer it, just get the code to put it in the box as we showed you before.

Now it is the part where you have to fill in a form. The prospective account recovery team recommends that you do so from a device and a location that you previously used with the account you want to restore.

From now on, the more questions you answer and the higher the accuracy. There are more opportunities to recover your account. Yes, let’s continue

Once you fill out the form, you should continue to answer the questions. First of all, you will be asked to set some of the passwords that you have used in your account at some point.

Then you must mark the correct answer for the question that appears to you about your use of the Microsoft account.

We continue to move forward, now Outlook will ask you to add the email addresses of the contacts that you have sent a message recently. You will also have the option to add the correct issues (mail issues) of the emails you have sent. If you do not remember, you can continue, but keep in mind that the more accurate the data, the greater chance you will be able to recover your account.

By clicking the steps in the previous step, information is sent to the Microsoft account recovery team for analysis of the information provided. And you will receive an email to the alternate email provided at the beginning of the process. This way, you will be notified if you submit enough information to recover your account. You should consider that it may take some time to review the information submitted.

Finally, you will receive an email to the alternate email you provided, with the results of the analysis of the information provided. There, they will confirm whether the data is sufficient and accurate enough to be able to reset the account. Otherwise, they will tell you that there is a missing data and you will be asked to submit a new form with better and better data.