What is Windows PowerShell?

While many ordinary users know about the Command Prompt, very few people have heard of Windows PowerShell. In a way, PowerShell is a tool that attempts to replace the Command Prompt and provides more power and control over the Windows operating system. So why is it so powerful and who is more likely to use it more often. Let’s find out what Windows PowerShell is and what you can do with it.

What is Windows PowerShell?

To provide you with a better understanding of PowerShell, we first need to identify what a Shell is. No, we are not talking about the shell of a turtle. πŸ™‚ In computer science, a basic shell is a user interface that gives you access to various services of the operating system. A shell can be based on the command line or it can include a graphical user interface (GUI).

Windows PowerShell is a shell developed by Microsoft for the purpose of managing automation and configuring tasks. This powerful shell class is based on the .NET framework and it includes a command shell and encoding language.

It is a scripting language provided by Microsoft. As long as the Command Prompt has a fairly primitive scripting language, Powershell with the addition of Windows Scripting Host, VBScript, and JScript has greatly improved the capabilities. PowerShell will work on the .NET and .NET frameworks, including coding languages ​​and commands.

In addition to Windows PowerShell, Microsoft also introduced the ISE concept. ISE stands for Integrated Encryption Environment, which includes a graphical user interface for advanced programming and an integrated set of tools to help you do not need to enter all commands on one command line.

Where can you find Windows PowerShell?

Windows PowerShell is easy to see if you use Windows 10. Right-click on the Windows icon in the taskbar and you can see two options for Windows PowerShell including the ability to launch the Admin.

Who tends to use Windows PowerShell frequently?

In general, the results of the comparison of Command Prompt and PowerShell are quite clear, PowerShell is a tool, command line interface is much more powerful and effective than the Command Prompt, but to evaluate PowerShell is better than Command Prompt. Not quite right, because it depends a lot on user needs.

If you are a normal Windows user, using PowerShell may be overwhelming for you, while the Command Prompt is a simple and easy-to-learn tool.

As such, Windows PowerShell offers many benefits for both power users and IT professionals. If you are an IT administrator, who is using PowerShell for your daily work, leave us a comment and share your experience with it. We would love to hear how you are using this tool in your daily work.