What is the Wininit.exe program and why it always run


There will be many people asking questions about this strange process in the system, whenever turn on Task Manager you will see the wininit.exe line in the Processes list. Many people often think that this is part of a virus and will make the computer slow or unstable. But you do not have to worry, because this is a default Windows service. In the next article, Network Administrator will analyze the details of this process so that everyone has a basic and clear idea of ​​one of the many other default Windows services.

The origin of winit.exe:

Winit.exe (Windows Initialize) was created by Microsoft, which is one of the “core” processes for users to start and log on to their user account, which is fixed in Windows XP, later versions. Next – Windows Vista and 7. At the same time, allow the operation to remove the program operation and save the command in the WinInit.ini file, you can also do other things when the system is booting. In Windows Vista and 7, this is the “launch pad” for other background applications.

The fixed location of this file is at: C:Windowssystem32wininit.exe

If this file is found in any other location, it is definitely a virus that is self-disguised as the file system and renamed wininit.exe.

Should you turn off wininit.exe or not?

The answer here is definitely not, because without this process, Windows will not complete the boot process, meaning you can not log into your account. If you turn off this process, you will see a critical system error message , and you can not do anything other than reboot. The screenshot below shows wininit.exe always appears on most Windows services, including svchost.exe:

Wininit.exe is dangerous or not:

With computers running the new operating system, there is no problem, but the long-term use of systems, there are always threats from various types of viruses to find ways to penetrate inside, forge into system files, and wininit.exe is a typical case. In case of a risk, you should equip yourself with security measures, and Microsoft Security Essentials is one of the solutions that can meet all your needs.