What is SMTP server? Get an overview of SMTP

What is SMTP server? Get an overview of SMTP

Sending and receiving e-mails requires a lot of different steps, but SMTP does not play any role, such as gmail, corporate email, Hotmail, or any other service that uses the SMTP protocol. to be able to send and receive emails. So you know what SMTP server is? And why does it play a big role today?

What is an SMTP server?

SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which means that the message transport protocol is simplified. This protocol performs the main task of sending mail while receiving mail or retrieving mail server data. Other methods to receive such as IMAP or POP3.

Hosted mail servers are usually called SMTP servers that send messages over TCP or IP.

SMTP is typically implemented to operate over Internet Gateway 25 (TCP). However, in Europe there is a widely used alternative to SMTP called X.400. In addition, many email servers now support the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (ESMTP), which allows multimedia files to be sent as e-mail.

Get an overview of SMTP

SMTP uses TCP port 25. To determine the SMTP server of a domain name, an MX (Mail eXchange) message is used for the Domain Name System (DNS).

SMTP defines all that has to do with email. It defines the structure of addresses, domain requests and anything related to email. SMTP also defines the requirements for Post Office Protocol (POP) and Internet Message Protocol (IMAP) server access, so emails are sent properly.

SMTP began to be widely used in the early 1980s. At the time, SMTP was only an add-on to Unix to Unix CoPy. to Unix machines), but more convenient for transferring email between computers – these machines are sometimes connected once, for data communication. In fact, SMTP will work better if senders and receivers are connected constantly.

In the article on “address rewritten sender,” the technical basics of SMTP in the past, and the routing technique returned to the source, before the RFC 1123 was released (in 1989, was replaced). By RFC 2821) was mentioned.

Note: When choosing a professional email service, you need to learn about the protocols that they will support because it will improve your productivity in the long term thanks to the ability to send and receive mail quickly, Also note that the ability to attach files and storage with high capacity will give you more advantages in long-term use, save time for business transformation, …

In addition to the SMTP protocol in e-mail, other protocols are as important as IMAP or POP3. You can read more about the articles that we explain about these protocols so that we can add more knowledge to choose from. server quality.