What is POP3? Learn about the POP3 protocol in email

What is POP3? Learn about the POP3 protocol in email

Today, in any job, email also plays an important role in the job. In the article SMTP is sure you know why email can send then today blogtip introduces you to learn about the POP3 protocol in email and POP3?

What is POP3?

POP3 stands for Post Office Protocol 3, which is the third version of the e-mail method. It works just like a mail when an email is sent to the mail server. It then receives the e-mail from the server and then deletes the copy. on the server. This approach makes it easy for anyone in the world to receive mail, read messages anywhere in the world as long as you have a POP3 compliant protocol.

Learn about the POP3 protocol in email

Email server functionality

POP3 today is better developed with the ability to configure mail download from the server several times after the specified period of deletion but this method is only for experienced administrators with the majority of people At present it is not good.

Although email servers have alternative protocols such as IMAP, it is still preferable to use the POP3 method of receiving mail because of its low error tolerance, and there are many versions available. POP, but the POP3 version is still the most used version today with stable operation.

Work with the application

Because the simplicity of accessing and storing POP3 email is used in many applications, as long as you configure the correct mail delivery protocol, POP3 will work, so there are many applications that configure POP3 as the communication protocol. This includes Outlook, Eudora, …. Each POP3 email server will have a different address that is usually provided by the web hosting unit, which is identified in the program to ensure that the email reaches the correct address, most of the existing applications. Now use port 110 to connect to POP3.