In the process of using, there are some computers, laptops appear Process (MOM.exe) on the Task Manager window. So what is MOM.exe? Is this a virus? How to fix MOM.exe error? And how does this process affect your system will not be answered in the article below.

There are many .EXE files in the computer that users can not figure out how they work, there are many types of viruses, ransomware also hidden under the EXE format to steal information and data of people. use. Petya Ransomware, the malicious code that rained earlier, Petya Ransomware promises to be the second WannaCry when it comes to malware. They take over the user’s important data manager and ask them to pay for it, otherwise the whole data will be destroyed.

MOM.exe is not a core system file on the Windows operating system; it is only part of the driver and software means of the AMD graphics card. And MOM.exe is a legitimate process located in the C:Program Files (x86)ATI Technologiesdirectory .


MOM.exe is part of the Catalyst Control Center , providing video and display customization options for AMD ATI video cards. Therefore, MOM.exe is a valid process and this process is located in the C:Program Files (x86)ATI Technologiesfolder.

MOM.exe is not a core system file on the Windows operating system; it is only part of the driver and software means of the AMD graphics card.

If you are using an ATI Video Graphics card, you will know that the Catalyst Control Center is part of ATI Video Graphics, and that MOM.exe is the monitoring program of CCC.

In addition to MOM.exe, there is also a file named Conhost.exe that runs on Proceeses, which the inexperienced user may not know. If you are interested, check out the article on Conhost.exe here.


Process MOM.exe is located in the C:Program Files (x86)ATI Technologiesfolder If it detects that the process is in another location, it is likely to be malware, because the virus can use any name on the system. Some viruses may “pretend” as MOM.exe and reside in the Windows or System32 folder.

To determine if this is a virus, right-click on the file and select Properties . Or if you suspect you can use the software to scan for malware or use anti-virus software such as AVG Anti-Virus, Avast or MalwareBytes, to scan the entire system in which AVG antivirus software is evaluated. very high.


Usually, the MOM.exe error: “MOM.exe application could not be started error ” appears in case if the application installation process crashes or if the file has been deleted.

If you encounter this error, follow the steps below to fix the error:

– Ensure that all Display Drivers on your computer are up-to-date.

– Your computer has the latest ATI Catalyst Control Center installed. You can uninstall ATI Catalyst Software, then download and install the latest version.

To uninstall ATI Catalyst Software, all you have to do is open the Control Panel , then select Uninstall (under Programs), find and uninstall the ATI Catalyst Software.

– Make sure your computer has the latest version of the .NET Framework installed, if not, go to Taimienphi to download the high-speed .NET Framework .

As mentioned above, you probably already know what MOM.exe is. Is this a virus? How to fix MOM.exe error? This program does not have much effect on your system so if you see it on Task Manager then please continue to work.