What is mDNSResponder.exe or Bonjour? How to uninstall it?


On a nice day, you detect the mDNSResponder.exe process running on Task Manager. You do not remember installing the process-related applications and it’s not visible in the Add/Remove programs section of the Control Panel. So mDNSResponder.exe or Bonjour? How to uninstall it?

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What is MDNSResponder.Exe or Bonjour?

The Bonjour-related mDNSResponder.exe process, which is Apple’s Zero Configuration Networking application, is usually installed automatically by iTunes. If you are wondering how iTunes can communicate with clients on the same local network, Bonjour is what you need.

Do not use iTunes? iTunes is not the only way to install Bonjour on your computer. It’s also packaged in a variety of other software such as Pidgin, Skype, and Safari, and is used to connect clients to each other in the same network.

MDNSResponder.exe or Bonjour is implemented as a Windows Service, and you can see it in the services console (just enter services.msc into the Search box on the Start Menu). You can stop the process at any time.

The problem here is that MDNSResponder.exe or Bonjour is not displayed in the Add / Remove Programs window, so you can not remove it in the usual way. However, if you want you can still remove mDNSResponder.exe, but it will limit some functions of process-based applications.

Important note: If you use iTunes to share a library or any other feature that the app is based on, it is not allowed to uninstall Bonjour.

How to Uninstall Bonjour?

First of all, note that you can disable Bonjour without having to uninstall the application, just access the Services window, double-click on the service, and change the Startup type to Disabled.

If you do not want to break anything, this is the best solution for you. If something goes wrong, you can still reactivate the service.

How to Uninstall Bonjour

Unlike removing software, if you want to uninstall Bonjour, the steps are quite simple. Just open a Command Prompt window under Admin (type cmd in the Search box, on the list of search results, right-click on it and select Run as Administrator), then change the installation directory, use the command below. :

Program FilesBonjour

If you are using a 64-bit version of Vista or Windows 7, you must access the Program Files (x86) directory instead. Enter the command below to view the options:

mDNSResponder.exe /?

The next step is to uninstall Bonjour, using the following command:


You will receive a message saying that the service has been deleted (note that you must open the Command Prompt under Admin).

If you want to disable the DLL file in the directory, you do so by renaming the file to another name:

ren mdnsNSP.dll mdnsNSP.blah

You can also delete the entire directory if you want.

How to Activate Bonjour?

To reinstall the Bonjour service, use the command below:


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