What is igfxpers.exe and how to disable igfxpers.exe?

What is igfxpers.exe and how to disable igfxpers.exe?

Sometimes in the process of opening Task Manager on a Windows computer, if you notice, you will see a program called igfxpers.exe running.

1. What is igfxpers.exe?

Do not worry too, igfxpers.exe is not a virus, malware or malware program.

Igfxtray.exe is a process that gives you access to the Intel Graphics configuration. The igfxtray.exe process is installed on your computer when you install the graphics card driver. Igfxpers.exe will be installed on your computer and the Windows driver during the installation of your Intel or nVidia graphics card.

Igfxpers.exe is part of the Driver Graphics Media Accelerator. According to Intel, the function of “igfxpers.exe” is to support activation of the screen resolution setting.

If you disable igfxpers.exe, your monitor may lose its current resolution setting.

Igfxpers.exe is not a virus, malware or malware. The igfxpers.exe process is not a necessary process on Windows. You can disable this process to increase Windows boot time as well as block any annoying messages (if any).

2. How to disable igfxpers.exe on your Windows computer?


When you disable igfxpers.exe you need to know, some features on the graphics card will not work anymore.

So you should just disable igfxpers.exe in case it takes up too many sources on your computer

To disable the igfxpers.exe process, first press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run dialog box, then enter msconfig in the Run dialog box and press Enter to open System Configuration.

On the System Configuration interface, click the Startup tab, then clear the Intel (R) Common User Interface option and then click Apply => OK.

Finally proceed to restart your Windows computer. You can check out by opening Task Manager, so you will not see igfxpers.exe process in Task Manager anymore.

In case you want to re-enable the igfxpers.exe process, you do the same and evaluate the Intel (R) Common User Interface option.