What is Enhance Pointer Precision on Windows?

Since Windows XP, the Enhance Pointer Precision feature has been integrated into the Windows operating system. What exactly is Enhance Precision Pointer on Windows? Why do gamers disable Enhance Pointer Precision when playing games? The answer will be in the article below.

Basically, Enhance Pointer Precision supports mouse cursor movement “smooth”, accelerate and change the sensitivity of the mouse. To find out more about Enhance Pointer Precision, you can refer to the article content below.

What is Enhance Pointer Precision?

The operating system constantly monitors the physical speed of the mouse pointer. If the speed is normal, no matter what happens, but if the physical speed of the mouse is faster, the mouse pointer speed increases as well, so you do not have to move the mouse over the mousepad.

The mouse works at a lower resolution than the screen resolution. To speed up the operation, Windows accelerates the mouse pointer as the mouse moves faster in one direction. Mouse pointer accelerates as you move the mouse from one point to another. As you move the mouse slower than normal, the pointer speed will be reduced so that you can point correctly.

Basically, the Enhanced Pointer Precision accelerates the mouse and changes the sensitivity of the mouse, depending on the speed at which you move the mouse. Enhanced Pointer Precision calculates mouse speed and increases DPI while moving the mouse at high speed.

The feature allows you to control more mouse cursors, especially when you move the pointer over small distances on the screen. Enhanced Pointer Precision also allows you to reduce the pointer speed faster when you move slowly or stop the mouse again.

Mouse pointer or touchpad are pointers that you can see on the screen. By default on Windows 8, the Enhance Pointer Precision feature is enabled.

Enhance Pointer Precision supports mouse cursor movement “smooth”. When this feature is activated, the mouse pointer moves smoothly without any interruptions during the move. Users can feel the most obvious difference when disabling / enabling Enhance Pointer Precision.

If the cursor moves at a higher speed than the default speed, you will face more problems, abnormal mouse behavior. That’s the reason why keep the default mouse speed and enable Enhance Pointer Precision.

To overcome the abnormal behavior of the mouse, you can speed up your video card hardware and reduce the speed of hardware acceleration.

In some cases, if you activate Enhance Pointer Precision, you notice that the mouse pointer moves as smoothly as before. For example, when using the mouse to draw a diagonal but the mouse pointer moves are not smooth. In such a case it is best to disable the Enhance Pointer Precision feature.

There Should Be An Enhanced Precision Gaming Pointer When Gaming

Changing the mouse speed on a Windows computer also depends on the screen resolution. Each game also has its own resolution, different screen resolution common. These factors make it difficult for gamers to determine the speed of mouse movement on the mousepad (mouse wheel) quickly or slowly to achieve their goals while playing the game.

Because they have to react very quickly in a short distance, so many gamers choose to disable the Enhance mouse pointer feature to speed up the mouse pointer movement.

When the Enhance Pointer Precision feature is disabled, gamers can control the mouse and other pointing devices. To explain the reasons why gamers often disable the Enhance Pointer Precision feature when playing games, this is because they have complete control over the mouse pointer and better gaming experience.

How To Enhance Enhance Pointer Precision On Windows 8/10

To turn off Enhance Pointer Precision on Windows 8/10, follow the steps below:

First open Control Panel => Mouse. On the Mouse Properties window, access the Pointer Options tab and you will see the Enhance pointer precision option.

All you need to do is uncheck the box next to Enhance pointer precision and then click Apply.

Enable or disable Enhance Pointer Precision

Note that there is no solution to activate or disable Enhance Precision Pointer permanently. If Enhance Pointer Precision is enabled or disabled, the culprit may be software related to the mouse. In this case, it is best to remove the enhancement software for the mouse that you have installed. A good example is the IntelliPoint software, which speeds up the movement and improves the accuracy of the mouse pointer.

If you want to enable or disable Enhance Pointer Precision, you can tweak the Registry:

First open the Run command window by pressing the Windows + R key combination, then enter regedit and press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

On the Registry Editor window, navigate to the following key:


MouseSpeed, MouseThreshold1, and MouseThreshold2 determine when and how fast to accelerate the mouse pointer when the mouse moves fast.

As the mouse moves slowly, the system moves the cursor at a constant speed, proportional to the speed of the mouse. But if the mouse moves faster than MouseThreshold1 or MouseThreshold2, the system can respond by accelerating the cursor’s movement so that the cursor moves 2 or 4 times faster than the mouse.