View photos faster with Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

View photos faster with Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10

Are you suppressed when opening photos with Photos on Windows 10? Wait for it to open a long time, wait for it to show up and want to go crazy. If you do not like Photos on Windows 10 and want to see photos with Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 then follow this tutorial to bring Windows Photo Viewer to Windows 10, help to see the picture faster offline.

Why are Photos slower than Windows Photo Viewer?

What’s the reason? It’s not that good photos are not good enough for the user. To be fair, Windows Photo Viewer is simply an image viewer, which can rotate the image backward , which means that it provides the most basic image viewing features. In addition to all the features of Windows Photo Viewer, it also has a number of image editing tools, such as filters, cropping, calibration, so that photos are much heavier and lighter than Windows Photo Viewer.

But, honestly speaking (maybe not just me, but many other Windows 10 users) do not quite use the extra features of Photos. If you want to draw a picture, you can not mark it. Photo cropping is probably more used, but it does not cut to a fixed size. For more advanced photo editing, there are a lot of photo editing software and app with better tools than many photos. Think more, Microsoft needs to improve Photos more to new users happy with it.

If you are like me, can not bear the speed of Photos, want to see faster photos to “revive” Windows Photo Viewer and install Windows Photo Viewer to the default viewer application on Windows 10. Here is the guide. 

Get Windows Photos Viewer on Windows 10:

All you need to do is download *.reg file of Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 10 to computer:

Unzip, open the folder containing the * .reg file, you can double click on the file Restore_Windows_Photo_Viewer.reg, or right-click on the file select Merge: 

There will be a message asking you to allow the file to make a change on Windows 10 and warning that this file adds information to the registry, which can cause it to crash. Do not worry, just click Yes, my mouse is white.

To verify that Windows Photo Viewer is installed successfully, right-click on any image and select Open With, if you see Windows Photo Viewer (or Open With> Choose another app> Windows Photos Viewer).

And here is our result, the familiar Windows Photo Viewer interface:

Windows Photo Viewer on Windows
Windows Photo Viewer on Windows

For you after running * .reg files on the other that still do not see the option Windows Photo Viewer because your account is in the User, so merge the file * .reg to the system does not work. To fix this, you logout and log in to the account Administrator, then run the file * .reg then log on the account is used.

Set up Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewer on Windows 10

From now on, every time you double-click on a photo, you’ll see it with Windows Photo Viewer, like this:

  • After you install Windows Photo Viewer successfully, you restart your computer.
  • Enter “default app settings” in the search bar> Default app settings.

  • Find the photo viewer in the right pane: 
  • Click on Photos> select Windows Photo Viewer.


If you make an upgrade from Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10, the system will display the Windows Photo Viewer option as an open application and view the image, but if you choose to install Windows 10 directly you will not be able to find it. see the Windows Photos Viewer on the system. 

We can infer simply that Microsoft has released the Windows Photos Viewer application “retired” (this application has been around for a long time, since Windows XP or 2000, or before) and instead It’s a new and strange Photos feature. If you dig into Settings> System> Default apps will not be able to see:

Or, if you checked in Control Panel> Default Programs> Set Default Programs> Windows Photos Viewer , you will only see that the application supports two image formats: *.tif and *.tiff: