Video Scheduler Internal Error – What to do?

Video Scheduler Internal Error – What to do?

Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error is also a deadly blue screen of death, which usually happens on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1. The cause of this error is often driver related. Usually Video Scheduler Error Internal error can occur after your computer starts up or after you set your computer to sleep mode and turn it on.

Just like any other BSOD error, when this error occurs your computer will also display error messages and blue screen, and automatically restart the computer. In the article below, the network administrator will guide you through a number of solutions to this problem.

1. Video error identifier Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error

The error identifier Video_Scheduler_Internal_Error is similar to BSOD error:

– Suddenly on the computer screen displays the BSOD error code and restart the computer.

– During game play you will probably encounter this error.

– Your computer may crash at any time.

– Computer performance is slower.

2. Cause of error

The cause of the error may be:

– Video driver is corrupted or damaged.

– Windows system file error.

– Viruses or malware (malware) attacks.

– Windows Registry Errors.

– Third party security software bug.

3. Troubleshooting solutions

To fix the error you can apply some solutions below:

3.1. Update or roll back the video driver

To update your video driver, follow the steps below:

– First press the Windows + R key combination to open the Run command window.

On the Run command prompt, enter devmgmt.msc and press enter to open the Device Manager window.

– At this point you will see a list of all drivers on your computer.

– Your task is to expand Display Adapters.

– Right-click the video driver and select update driver.

– Go to Search automatically for update driver software.

– And it will automatically update (update) drivers on your computer.

If you want to roolback the video driver, follow the steps below:

– Double click on the video driver on the Device manager window.

– Click the Driver tab.

– Then click Rollback.

3.2. Disable or uninstall security software

Some security software can be the cause of BSOD errors. Such as programs, anti-virus software. So to fix the problem, you can apply the solution to disable or even uninstall the antivirus program on your computer, then restart the computer and check for errors. still or not.

3.3. Update operating system and driver

Driver update solution can help you overcome many errors in the system, including Video Scheduler Error Internal Error. To fix Video Scheduler Internal Error you can check the latest updates and update.

3.4. Fix Registry errors

As mentioned above, the cause of Video Scheduler Internal Error can be due to Windows Registry errors. And often it is also the cause of the blue screen of death. So you can run Registry and fix it. To do this you can get support from a third party application. The most reliable application you can use here is CCleaner.

3.5. Fixes corrupted system files

If the system files are faulty, you will most likely face many errors, including BSOD errors. Thus, the detection, detection and correction of system files is faulty that can help you fix Video Scheduler Internal Error.