[Video] 5 Tips fix common mistakes when posing for double

In order to have beautiful memories with your other half, you should be aware of the mistakes that make them both embarrassing. Here’s a video tutorial (6 minutes) by Sara Byrne and Phil Chester, the wedding photographers, with five simple fixes that give you a pair of stylish looks that just change the look, the way you hold hands…

Here’s a quick summary (each tip is explained in the video) to get some beautiful and natural looking photos:

# 1. Avoid straight leg straight: Straight feet make your photo stiff, unnatural. Keep your baby’s head centered on one leg and stand upright, and it will be much more natural!

# 2 Posture. A common problem for boys is that they do not know how to sit naturally and style on the ground. The easiest way is to put a foot, a leg lying as illustrated below, style and support much harder.

# 3. The connection between two people. When two people embrace, usually the boyfriend put his hand into the bag. Looks cool but this also makes two people a bit distant. To increase the level of affection, the connection of the couple, you tell the boyfriend to put his hands out of his pocket, touch his girlfriend in the elbow, hold hands, or claw his cheek. The picture is very clear.

#4.The Ol ‘Choke Hold. Tip 4 will help you solve the problem or two when faced with each other. Make sure you two come close, nesting foot.

# 5. Expression of emotions when pressed against each other – When hugging from the back, common mistakes are two parallel standing pattern makes you face and look male bash. To fix it, let your guy stand right (left or right). The hug will be very emotional.