Top 9 Google search tips that you should know

Top 9 Google search tips that you should know

Google is an indispensable tool for computer and phone users. With it you can find everything from questions about computers, recipes, a song lyrics to study materials and work. All can be found on Google.

Although there are many search engines like Bing, Duckduckgo, … Google is still the most popular tool because it often produces very accurate results. However, to save time, you should still know some of the following search tips for quicker and more accurate Google searches.

9 Google search tips you should know

1. Search by file

We do not always find files that have the file extension that we need on Google, Sometimes it makes us frustrated that finding one page to another still does not produce results. So please refer to the following tips for faster searching.

First you type the keyword you want to search and then type in the following filetype: the type of file you need . For example, if you want to find a mathematical textbook with pdf, type in the search field “filetype: pdf”.

2. Find related pages

If your site does not have search information, then let Google suggest you other sites with similar content, you will find the information you want quickly.

To do that, type in your related keywords . For example, if you want to find some websites with search features similar to Google, type in the “” search box . Immediately we will have many other suggestions like Yahoo, Bing … these are all other popular search engines you can use instead of Google.

3. Change the unit of measurement

I learned how to change units such as km, m, cm, liter … since elementary school. If you accidentally forget or want to convert large numbers, you can use Google.

We simply use the word To is. For example, you want to know 10 km, how many m. Type “10km to miles”, which will immediately result in the bottom.

4. Currency conversion

I think this feature will be very useful to many people. If you want to know how much US $ 100 is worth, then type “100usd in eur“.


After the input is complete we will see the results immediately, now want to know more, adjust the table below.

5. View time in a country or city

Computers, mobile phones are equipped with the current time view feature. Wanting to see the times of other countries and cities is easy to see, but a bit cumbersome.

So why not Google, just a few seconds. Type the word “time” then type the name of the country or city. For example, if you want to see time in Vietnam, please enter “time usa”, you want to see time in San Jose, you type “time san jose”. Only that, very simple.

6. See the weather in a country or city

Watch the time is simple, see the weather is similar, you add from Weather then click where you want to see the weather. For example, want to know the weather San Jose, you type “weather San Jose” , then that.

7. See definition of an English word

This feature will be very useful for those who are learning English, we will normally use English-English dictionary but now you can learn English with Google okay.

To see the definition, you simply type the word define: the English word you want to know . Example of wanting to know the definition from home – A very familiar English word, we will type “define: home” . Below you will find a full definition of the examples. To hear how it sounds, click on the speaker icon below.

Want to find other words? Type in the search bar below the word nhé.

8. Do the math

Google also added a tool to do math on the search page. Your job is just typing operation into it then look below the result view. Not just simple calculators such as plus and minus multiplication, Google can help you do more complex math problems like Sin, Cos, Log, exponentiation, redundancy, percent …  Try it now.

9. Find the exact word

When you want to find the exact word or phrase on Google, put the keyword in quotation marks, which will immediately see the results. I used to use this feature when looking for a song name, or find a post in the past read but forget about the page.


Here are some common Google search tips that I want to share with you. Every operation is simple so I think anyone can use it. Hope this article will help you save quite precious time. If you have any other tips while searching with Google, do not forget to share with us in this article.