Top 4 best Ad blocker for Android/iOS

Do you feel uncomfortable with ads always appear on your phone suddenly? Try out these four useful Android ad blocker apps.

Top 4 best Ad block for Android

Adblock Plus – The most popular Android/iOS app blocker

As one of the ad-blocking apps Android best today, Adblock Plus has existed for quite a long time and numerous users phone, tablet or PC preferred use. With plenty of versions for the devices, browsers, Adblock Plus is increasingly becoming more popular thanks to the “free” her.

On the Android phone, Adblock Plus has also appeared quite early and quickly received by users. At present, this application has support for both iOS. Installation on the machine is easy. This application supports intuitive and easy to use user settings. You just select the type of ads you do not want to display and it will be permanently removed from your phone.

TrustGo Ad Detector

With over 5 million trusted users around the world, TrustGo Ad Detector is a great solution to help you simplify your Android advertising block without spending any money. This app supports quite well and only supports devices running Android. It allows you to “scan” applications that require an ad, and simply selects which applications you do not want to display.

According to many users, in addition to some special applications installed by the phone manufacturers on the hardware, TrustGo Ad Detector can completely remove the type of ads.


1Blocker is an ad blocker for iOS that lets you block all types of ads from apps to ads on Safari. This application has quickly reached over 1 million users on iTunes thanks to its excellent use along with the “free” price. It supports blocking more than 8000 different types of ads across every application including website ads through the Safari app.

Freedom Ad Blocker

Another name worth mentioning is Freedom Ad Blocker. This application was launched in December but has been constantly reviewed by many technology forums. The main feature of this application is the maximum support to block ads supported by Apple on iOS 9. So it is not too difficult to understand when there are more than 200 thousand users installed in just one month. shelves on App Stores.