Top 3 software to create virtual RAM on the computer

Top 3 software to create virtual RAM on the computer

With so many Windows updates, users have a lot of choices with beautiful new interfaces, but small PCs with RAM will suffer from low RAM and slow performance. The solution that many people choose to overcome this situation is to create virtual RAM.

Virtual RAM software will help you increase the amount of virtual memory on the Windows operating system to increase the performance of the device. Of course, the way to create virtual RAM can not be as effective as upgrading your physical RAM, but in conditions that do not allow for more physical RAM, this is the best solution.

3 software to create the best virtual RAM on the computer

1. Dataram RAMDisk

Dataram RAMDisk virtual memory development software developed by DataRAM but can be used for all hardware, not just for hardware. The amount of RAM you can create with this software is 1023MB. Although limited in capacity, the virtual RAM creation of Dataram RAMDisk software is well appreciated. Dataram RAMDisk software interface is easy to use and compatible with different versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10 to Windows Vista.

2. OSFMount

OSFMount software helps to create a very good virtual RAM drive with two options to create an empty RAM disk or image file. This software supports almost all image formats as well as unlimited size. In addition, during setup of read-only mode or general setup, you can select the drive letter for those virtual disk drives.

3. StarWind RAM Disk

The next virtual RAM creation software that we introduced to readers is StarWind RAM Disk. You can use the software to create multiple virtual RAM drives with unlimited size. With a simple interface, you can use the basic features easily on the Windows operating system.

You can not proceed to set the drive letter on the StarWind RAM Disk software and the software does not have the option to save the virtual RAM to an image file.

To improve the performance of your computer, creating virtual RAM is essential. If you have used up your hard drive’s memory or do not want to create virtual memory on your hard drive, you can replace it by turning it into a computer RAM.