Top 10 useful train brain games

Top 10 useful train brain games

Regular exercise will help you to have a healthy body as well as increase your resistance. However, not only the limbs but the brain training is also very important. Constantly trained trainers will keep you fresh and energetic. If we neglect it, we will gradually become poor in thought and always be bound in certain frameworks, not to mention that we always feel cramped. Therefore, training the brain every day is extremely urgent.

There are many ways to train the brain, such as practicing through puzzles and logic games. And the software below will be a tool to help you train your brain in the most effective way.

1. Peak

Peak is one of the most highly rated brain training apps, and when you participate in brain training, you’ll experience over 30 different levels of challenging brain games to challenge your brain. And Peak games are often associated with memory training, language enrichment, and brain acumen, so players need to be highly focused to win.

2. Elevate

For those who love neat, visually appealing and fun games, Elevate is a great choice for brain teasers every day. Like Elevate, Elevate also owns 30 different games for users to improve their memory, concentration, comprehension, math, or intellectual skills.

In particular, Elevate will monitor your progress on a daily basis and adjust the difficulty level to make it more interesting when the player’s level is improved.

3. Lumosity

If you love newness and change every day, Lumosity is not a bad idea. Every day Lumosity will “mix” the game into a common mix for the user to explore. When using this application, users will have to take a test called Fit Test to assess your level and skills inherent through 3 brain games. See if your score is age-appropriate and be ready to enter the major brain training phase after classifying. Not only do you test your ability but Lumosity tracks your progress with specific scores. What makes Lumosity more attractive than the other names in this article is that it supports both the web browser platform and the computer.

4. Fit Brains Trainer

Fit Brains Trainer is not just an entertainment application, it is also a scientific application, offering a comprehensive collection of mini brain training games and measuring the level of concentration and recording ability. Remember your after-use process. This application consists of 35 different games that are aggregated in different formats so that users can easily choose the daily brain training without being boring. In particular, with the support of leading experts, Fit Brains Trainer also integrates personalized training and intuitive tools to help users track accurate statistics on results. his training.

5. Cognito

Cognito will be an attractive application not to be missed with those who love the game. This application gives the user a sense of comfort and enjoyment rather than learning. In addition to brain training games, with the Cognito app you can find more traditional memory training, logic and vocabulary exercises in Cognito. This application will not only show your progress after each game, but Cognito also has the ability to import user’s sleep / walk data from the Apple Health application to find the connection between activities. The above and the quick mind.

Unfortunately Cognito Android is not currently integrated on the Android platform. So Android users can choose from four apps to use.

6. Left vs Right

With 49 games divided into 6 categories, Left vs Right helps you to practice both hemispheres. Every day you will be brainstorming with 4 thought-provoking games.

It includes games that test your memory, reflexes, and logic, such as memorizing the order of your required items, calculating the amount you pay based on total invoices and the amount of money the other person has. paid, etc.

You can download this free Left vs Right game, but in order to play all genres, there are no limits to the day and brainstorming progress reports, you need to sign up for monthly or yearly payments.

7. Brain School

With Brain School, you’ll be challenged with super puzzle puzzles, challenging maths, logic games that get you headaches. This must be a great way to improve your thinking skills.

Inspired by the school theme, you will also experience 4 years of study. Starting the first year, you will receive A + points for all games and levels. Each year there will be different sets of games with 5 levels. Begin brainstorming with challenges in Brain School such as solving mathematical equations with time limits, assembling puzzle pieces into complete shapes, etc.

If you pass these games, you will do “final exams” to “up grade”. There is no better way to test your brain than Brain School, download it right from iOS.

8. Brain Dots

Add another challenging game to your brain, Brain Dots is a fun physics-based puzzle game. The game is very simple, your goal is to make two blue and pink dots meet, but how is a problem.

You need to draw lines, shapes or whatever is needed for these dots to meet. What makes Brain Dots an exciting brain training is the answer to the many, the more you find the more interesting physical methods.

You will be using many tools such as pencils, crayons with many different sizes. Brain Dots has many different levels and tables to try out. If you are interested, you can create your own table for other players to try.

This game is free to install and you can purchase in-app purchases with additional tools and remove ads. Let’s see how creative you are with these Brain Dots.

9. A Clockwork Brain Training

A Clockwork Brain Training has been around for a while, but if you have not played it yet, do not hesitate to download it. The purpose of the game is to train memory, logic, language, ingenuity and ability to focus on various challenges.

To focus your attention, you’ll need to quickly figure out what the other shots look like or test your ingenuity with speed matches. If you like exercise, you can get more games for in-app purchases.

10. Tricky Test 2

Tricky Test 2 is a quiz game, you will get 5 networks and must pass levels to higher levels, just like the other level games. However, if you fail, you will have to return to certain levels depending on your level.

Are you curious? If so, download Tricky Test 2 on Android or iOS now. The game also offers in-app purchases for hints.