Tips for better and better email service


If you work regularly with Gmail, you may need some tips, tricks or tips to make using this free email service better and more effective.

Just before the start of this year, Gmail has made tremendous changes to its email client. Not only are there changes to the interface, but Google Mail also has the addition, a new feature enhancements, which help users improve productivity and higher performance.

Increase email priority

You are too busy with work every day, so that just check mail finished to forget to answer. You are completely reminded of Gmail in this matter by taking advantage of quick reminders sharing. This is a new feature that allows people to regularly receive and work with too many emails at the same time, forgetting or omitting e-mail is natural. 

This reminder feature is built and has the ability to prompt users repeatedly, the higher the priority emails, the more attention and reminders Gmail.

Do not just remind the user to reply to a message, but if your Gmail account has just received a new email and you have not yet, can not read it right away, you can choose to ‘ Snooze ‘ it and set a landmark. Certain times before giving it a show back to read.

Choose, read, and reply to messages faster

‘Smart Compose’ is a new hint feature recently added by Gmail, which will suggest to users words, phrases related to sentences, paragraphs being drafted (like Suggested message in iOS message or ‘Hint M’ feature when chatting with Messenger. 

For those who do not have much vocabulary or are less flexible in language use, this is a great help. Not only can you reply to replies more quickly, but it also makes your emails more responsive, streamlined and tidy.

Work offline with Gmail

Although it is a web application, many people are quite surprised to learn that this free email service can be used even without an Internet connection (using Chrome browser). 

Just go to, then activate offline for your Gmail account. You can then download new e-mail, read and even reply to e-mail even without an Internet connection.

Inbox more versatile

If you’ve ever wanted to use a Google app every time, and you turned it on and switched to a new tab, now you can do all your work on any app, like Google Calendar, Keep or Task … without leaving the Inbox.

You can even add other extensions to customize and change your Inbox to better suit your work or add other needed features.

Confidentiality of personal information

If you accidentally click on a fake email, or have previously been spammed, receive promotional e-mails, referrals from a variety of sources, now, new Gmail, after the improvement has been able to Identify them and warn the user in a timely manner.

If we still deliberately click to open these unsafe emails, a large, red alert message will pop up and let the user know it’s a non-secure message.

Google is constantly innovating, changing and making its applications more and more impressive. Hopefully with these tips, your productivity and productivity will increase in the process of using Gmail daily.