This hidden Windows 10 feature will provide Virtual Surround sound technology

The Windows 10 Update Creators Update contains a hidden “gold warehouse” that you have not explored. One of them is Windows Sonic – a new surround sound engine for Windows 10. Surround sound technology (Virtual Surround) is the audio emulation technology for users to feel the sound real and lively.

This small program will modify the headphone sound to simulate the 3D environment. This is a great addition to the sound design in movie and games. Another point worth mentioning is that this tool is available and is free when you upgrade your operating system to Windows 10 Creators Update.

Windows sonic sound

Windows Sonic audio available on PCs and game consoles (both Windows 10 and Xbox) promises to add a new dimension to audio technology. After spending time with Windows Sonic, I have to admit that it really is a great audio tool.

Basically, Sonic simulates a 3D environment using audio from your device. While this does not necessarily work well on movies, it does work well for games.

How to activate Windows Sonic in Windows

Disable sound effects

Some motherboard and sound card manufacturers require software software to use the hardware properly. Sometimes, they work in the background without any user knowledge. That includes audio software.

For example, using an MSI motherboard means that you have installed the Realtek HD Audio Manager software on your computer.

Before using Windows Sonic, you need to turn off the previously activated effects.

Then, you can activate and use 7.1 surround sound sonic Windows with full capacity.

Activate Windows Sonic

To activate Windows Sonic, right-click on the audio icon to the right of the taskbar and select Spatial sound.

Then, choose Open Volume Mixer, click on the speaker icon to open Speakers Properties and switch to the Spatial sound tab. In the Spatial sound format, click the drop-down menu and select Windows Sonic for Headphones. Make sure you’ve ticked Turn on 7.1 virtual surround sound. Click Apply and finally click OK.

It is done!

Audio check

For full audio check, visit the Dolby Labs website and download the 7.1 Dolby Test Tones MP4 file.

Have you tried out Microsoft’s surround sound experience? Are you pleased? Please let us know by commenting below!