The factors that determine a beautiful photo

The factors that determine a beautiful photo

At times in your life you will meet photographic enthusiasts and in that there are two main directions are the camera and the photographer, but the end result is just beautiful pictures. So what do you think is a good picture? Here are the factors that determine a good photo of people are right, of course this is an objective article so everyone has the right to comment.

1. Light.

According to the theory, photography is the art of being friends with light, because without light we will not see anything and the camera will not gain anything. Depending on the different environmental conditions, the image will be different colors. Normally in good light conditions, lenses with equivalent parameters will produce very different images. But when it comes to complex lighting, you can see the difference. Whether you’re shooting outdoor portraits or shooting night scenes, light is an extremely important element, so come out with a flashlight or flashlight.

2. Emotions and content

For pictures of portraits or animals, life … then we should specify the spirit of the photo, the message that you want to send to the viewer, if it contains content, then the image. The photo will bring a lot of meaning to the humanity as well as the negative side of life …

For nature photography you should also take pictures as the audience want to understand what they are seeing so they understand the What the author of the picture says, maybe the picture refers to the life of people in certain lands or harsh landscape of some land …. When the photo is more soulful, then you are successful.

3, Layout

When it comes to images, there must be a layout so that the image becomes beautiful and easy to see, you can apply the rules of composition in photography or can break in a certain way but generally have to make The picture is not distracting the viewer, but a beautiful picture must be as sharp as the image, then lift the picture to a new height.

4, Moment

There are moments that only happen in a short time and will not appear for the second time so these pictures mean a great moment only in a lifetime in which people are precious or have moments. At specific times such as the sunset sunset at some place like the scene in the village at the end of the buffalo each tails to each other and behind the sun is diving down the mountain …

5, Quality camera and lens

Recognize that no matter how good you are, when more modern machines, it will help you a lot more in all aspects such as handling problems such as purple border, wrong color, flare or slow and wrong focus … or A good lens will give the image a better contrast and color than other lenses and the camera body can focus faster to capture moments in shorter time.

6, Post-periodic editing

One thing to note is that when you edit photos, you can adjust the color, brightness or color depending on your preference, if you notice it almost The photos of the studio or customer service are through post-production to make the picture more sparkling. Of course there are many people who do not like to edit photos or do not know how to edit them will do other ways like setup the machine …

7. Shooting location.

Depending on the different shooting locations we have different styles and different color settings. So shooting locations are extremely important, for example taking in places where many trees are beautifully sun-shaded to make a clear image, while old or damaged spots are used to capture stylish photos. old…. This depends on the purpose of the photographer and will produce different pictures.