The 8 most common Windows 10 errors and fixes


Understand all the 8 Windows 10 below, you will have enough knowledge to deal with problems with your computer, laptop running Win 10, find out the cause and correct treat them properly.

The Windows 10 operating system is the latest version of Microsoft, which is said to be the most comprehensive version suitable for all users. This is because Windows 10 is full of features for users who are familiar with Windows 7 will be somewhat surprised and frustrated with the Windows 10 version with some outstanding features of the system. the system.

The following problem is not an error, simply the functions and utilities integrated in windows 10 to support the user better, if you do not like you can completely turn off. Also when the new installation, the user or make a full error in hard 10, this is a common error that many people wonder. You can completely fix the hard disk full of Win 10 easily on the articles of blogtip. Take a look and follow, but now do not let you wait longer, here are eight problems or errors Windows 10 frequently encountered.


1. Remove the Tablet Mode (Tablet Computer Mode)

Windows 10 is a common operating system for both desktops and tablets, and you can easily start this mode on the notification bar.

To disable, or turn it off you can click on the taskbar select (or deselect) Show touch keyboard buttion.

To enable it, just click on the icon as the Tablet mode will appear to enter the data.

2. Turn off the Troubleshooting Notifications

To turn off notifications you do not want to see on the screen, press Windows + A and then click Quiet hours.

You can also optionally disable applications that display notifications by pressing the Windows + I key combination to access Settings, System.

In Notificatio & actions you Off any application do not like displaying notifications.

3. Update Applications In Store Win 10

In case you can not update the applications installed in Win 10 Store then this is the solution for you. First open StartMenu and type “Store” and select Store to open.

Then click on Download and Updates.

Finally click on Check for Updates to automatically check the system as well as download updates for the application.

4. Record Mode In Game

This mode is available from Windows 8, which is the built-in Xbox Live mode that allows you to return to the video games you are playing. To activate this mode, simply enter any game you want and press <Enter>. Windows + R key combination.

5. Turn off the Search Box (Search)

If you feel it’s too much space and you do not like it, turn it off by right-clicking on the Taskbar and selecting Search> Hidden to hide it.

6. Display the Computer Icon, Recycle Bin

These are familiar icons that give you quick access, but with the Windows 10 Tiltle Bar interface, you have limited this and these icons do not appear. To re-display the previous version of windows press the key combination Windows + I and then Personalization.

Then go to Themes, select Desktop icon settings.

In the Desktop icon settings, check the Computer or any other icon if you want them to display and then OK.

7. Turn Off Update Mode

This is not just a Windows 10 issue that any user operating system wants to get rid of, it’s important, but if you want to do it temporarily, follow it.

Press the Windows + I key and go to Update & security.

In the Windows Update section select Advanced Options

Then select Notify to schedule restart, check Defer Upgrades and then choose Choose how updates are delivered.

In this section you leave Off is done.

8. Turn off Windows Defender

Windows Defender is a PC protection software built into your Windows 10, but there are some files, applications mistaken for viruses or you do not like the message of this software is up, turn it off. go. First open the Defender StartMenu and select the search result.

In Windows Defender you OFF all 3 options is complete.

Here are 8 problems you encounter when using Windows 10 as well as how to fix Win 10 that blogtip has shown is quite simple as can be done easily.Also in the process of using you I encounter black screen win 10 at startup also do not worry, has solution to fix for you, refer to the article on black screen error win 10 at startup to fix it nhé.