How to fix Taskbar showing in fullscreen

How to fix Taskbar showing in fullscreen

As we all know, the Windows Taskbar is one of the main components of the Windows operating system, used for a variety of purposes. With Taskbar, users can manage all tasks, programs currently running and quick access to various settings on the system.

The latest version of Windows 10 comes with an option called Auto Hide taskbar so that you can set Windows computer to automatically hide this bar when system is idle. Sometimes you need to hide the Windows 10 Taskbar to get more space on the computer screen or can appear only when needed.

In a nutshell, you can easily set the taskbar to automatically hide as you want. However, with recent Windows updates, many users complain that the Windows 10 Taskbar does not hide in full-screen mode and displays while watching full-screen video on YouTube or VLC.

If you have enabled the taskbar auto-hide feature , the Windows 10 taskbar will automatically hide behind a system idle time. But if it’s not self-conceiving, it means there’s been a problem with the taskbar or something else that needs fixing.

How to fix Windows 10 Taskbar not hidden when full screen

Although, there may be a lot of reasons why the taskbar does not hide in full screen mode, it happens when an application or system notification pops up until you view or dismiss it. If this is not the cause of the problem, take a look at the two solutions below.

Method 1: Check the Windows 10 Taskbar Settings

Before you do anything or make any changes to your system, be sure to quickly install the Windows 10 Taskbar and make some changes if needed.

Step 1 : First, press Windows + I to open Windows Settings and then click the Personalization option.

Step 2 : Now on the Personalization window , click on the Taskbar option .

Step 3 : In the settings of the Taskbar , make sure the ” Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode ” option is selected.

In case of tablet or tablet mode use on your system, be sure to select the ” Automatically hide the taskbar in tablet mode ” option. When you enable the option to automatically hide the taskbar, you will see it hidden on Windows 10 if not used.

Method 2: Restart Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer (called File Explorer in Windows 10) is a file manager application in the Windows operating system that allows users to manage all files, folders and network connections as well as search for other files. each other and related components.

In case, if you frequently face problems with the Windows 10 taskbar not hiding in full screen mode, try restarting Windows Explorer by following the steps below.

Step 1 : Right click on the Windows 10 taskbar and then select the Task Manager option to open it.

Or, you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc to open Task Manager .

Step 2 : On the Task Manager window , go to the Processes tab and select Windows Explorer and then click the Restart button .

Now wait a few minutes and after Windows Explorer is backed up, you can run YouTube videos in full screen mode on Chrome or Firefox to check whether the problem has been fixed.