How to take a screenshots, capture screenshots

How to take a screenshots, capture screenshots

There are many ways to take screenshots, but with this screensaver you do not need to add any software, you can save images without opening Paint or Photoshop.

Screen capture can be considered as one of the fastest ways to capture your favorite images or text or many web pages do not allow you to save in the usual way. With 3 screenshots below, you can use it for a variety of purposes such as: capture the whole screen, capture a program window, capture any part of the screen.

1. How to take screenshots automatically saved, without Paint

Many of you are unaware that Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 10 can take screenshots and save them to a folder on your computer without the need for intermediate image editing applications.

You just use the following key combination to capture the computer screen:

  • Press Windows + PrtSc (Print Screen)
  • Open the Pictures> Screenshots folder on your computer

Finished, do you see your screenshot?

2. Capture the entire screen of the computer

This method works on all versions of Windows.

Step 1: At the screen interface, press the Print Screen key (This button usually fits in the upper right corner of the computer keyboard with various abbreviations such as “PrtScn”, “Prnt Scrn” “Print Scr” …)

Step 2: You open Paint (software available in Windows) to save images you just captured, can use other image editing software like Photoshop, or paste directly into the chat application like Viber to send friend.

Paint interface window appears, you press Ctrl + V to paste the picture just shot.

Finally, press CTRL + S to save the image

3. Capture a window on the computer screen

You do the same as above, just do not press the Print Screen key is Alt + Print Screen.

Take a screenshot of your computer using the Snipping Tool.

Step 1:

  • For Windows 7, Windows 10: You go to Start >> Accessories >> Snipping Tool.
  • On Windows 8 / 8.1, hover over the top right corner, click on the search icon, enter Snipping and click on the Snipping Tool in the results.

Step 2: At the Snipping Tool interface, click the arrow to the right of New, you will see 4 options screen capture computer:

  • Free-form Snip: Freehand, borders are the lines you mark on the screen
  • Rectangular Snip: Takes a picture into a rectangular frame
  • Window Snip: Capture an open window
  • Full-screen Snip: Full screen capture.

Choose a suitable shot, with two types of shots you need to circle the screen you want to capture, click to start and release the mouse when finished. After taking the picture, you can Ctrl + V into Photoshop, Paint to edit next, paste into the chat application like Viber to send to friends or Ctrl + S to save on the computer.

If you regularly take screenshots, you should pin Snipping Tool on the taskbar, with only 2 clicks to be able to capture the screen area you want as well as save, send to friends.

5. Capture computer screen on macOS

On macOS you can take full screen images or just a certain section. Mac screenshots will then be automatically saved to the desktop.

Take full screen macOS photos

  • Press Shift + Command (⌘) + 3.
  • Find a screenshot of a .png file on your desktop.

Capture optional screen part on macOS computer

  • Press Shift + Command + 4, the cursor changes to a cross.
  • Move the cross to where you want to start the capture, drag to the end of the area to capture. While dragging, hold Shift, Option, or Space to change how the selection moves.
  • Once you have selected the area to capture the screen, release the mouse or trackpad. To cancel, press Esc before you release the mouse button.

The screenshot is saved as a .png file on the desktop.

  • Capture a menu on macOS
  • Click on the menu to display the contents of the menu.
  • Press Shift + Command + 4, the cursor will turn into a cross.
  • Drag the mouse to select the menu.
  • Release the mouse or trackpad to capture the screen. You also press Esc if you want to cancel the photo.
  • Find menu capture in .png format on your desktop.

If you just want to capture menu content without wanting to get the menu name, when the mouse pointer becomes a cross, press the Space key, the cursor will turn into a camera, move the camera through the menu to highlight it> click or trackpad to capture menu.