Stop iOS 12 update on iPhone and iPad

Stop iOS 12 update on iPhone and iPad

iOS 12 is very attractive, but after curious update many users “distorted” because this update too many errors. Even the iPhone X has many bugs, so tips for users of older devices like iPhone 6, 7 should consider carefully before updating this new operating system.

If you’ve manually downloaded this update, it’s still not up to date. Refer to 2 ways below:

To check the download status of SoftwareUpdate.

Step 1: Go to “Setting” and click “General – General Settings”.

Step 2: Click “Software Update” to check status.

If the download is not complete please go to step 3.

Step 3: Go back to the settings, go to “General – General Settings” and open “iPhone Storage -” (“iPad Storage” if you use iPad).

Step 4: Go to iOS 12 and click on it.

Step 5: It will direct you to the “iOS 12 Developer beta” page, where you can download updates, and stop updating iOS 12.

There is another way you can stop downloading this update quite simply. You just turn off your cellular wifi (so your computer is no longer connected to the internet), then reboot the device. The download will go away. Apple will continue to send updates to you very soon, but be sure to only update as needed and found appropriate. Hope you are succesful.