How to fix start menu and cortana aren’t working

How to fix start menu and cortana aren’t working

Windows 10 a long time the occurrence of the error is inevitable. Windows Start Menu error does not work as well, if you suddenly receive the message as you will solve how, go to the following article to find the answer offline.

Suddenly on a beautiful day you open the machine to use and receive the message Critical Error: Start Menu and Cortana are not working and can not use Windows anymore. In this case how would you handle it? Windows Start Menu error 10 does not work quite often on older versions of Windows 10, so one of the solutions to fix Windows Start Menu errors is not updating Windows.

But in case you do not want to update Windows 10 but still want to fix Windows 10 on how to do, do not worry because always have other measures for you to be able to fix Start Menu errors on Windows 10 Works as well as fixes as well as other minor Windows 10 errors that occur during use.


1. Systemwide Scanning Error

This is the simplest way and it not only helps you fix Start Menu errors on Windows 10 not working but also many other errors, also encourage you to do this the first way.

Step 1: First you open the Start Menu and then type “cmd” and remember to access the Command Prompt with admin (Run as administrator).

Step 2: When the Command Prompt interface opens, enter the command sfc / scannow and enter the computer to execute. With the command on the system will scan your entire computer to find and fix errors.

This is a good tool built into Windows 10, but the scan is quite time consuming and you have to wait until the 100% complete and restart the machine.

Step 3: There is also another command that will help you to error Start Menu on Windows 10 does not work if the way did not work for you recently, type dism /online /cleanup-image /restorehealth and let the system run.

Similar to scannow when this command also scans deep into the system and helps Windows 10 fix if detected.

2. Restart Windows Explorer

Restarting Windows Explorer is also a good way to fix Windows Start Menu errors that are not working in the event that this error is seldom. Restarting Windows Explorer will make all components such as the Start Menu reboot and know where they will work normally.

Step 1: In Taskbar you right click on it and select Task Manager, where we will open Windows Task Manager.

Step 2: In the Processes tab, look for the folder named Windows Explorer and right-click it and choose Restart, which will help you to restart Windows Explorer.

3. Boot Application Service Identity

Application Identity is an application-recognition service, which is a default service that is not running on Windows 10 but is very important for some applications on Windows 10. Not all services are needed but if your machine Install a service that requires Application Identity that is not activated, the possibility of high Start Menu errors on Windows 10 not work is also due to this.

Step 1: First press the Windows + R key combination and type “services.msc” to access the service management section, where we will launch Application Identity.

Step 2: In Services, just search for any service named Application Identity, right click on that select Start to start is fine.

Then continue to use the computer to see if the Windows Start Menu error status is not working or not.

4. Restart your computer with Safe Boot Network.

There is no explanation for this, but some cases have noted that rebooting in Safe Boot mode with Network has been effective in fixing Start Menu errors on Windows 10 that are not working.

Step 1: How to do this is very simple, first press Windows + R to open the run command box and then type “msconfig” then OK.

Step 2: In System Configuration, check the Safe boot and select Network as shown in the screenshot below. Remember to click Apply> OK before leaving this item.

Step 3: Then restart your computer, your computer will be restarted in Safe mode with Network.

Step 4: In Safe mode you repeat steps 1 to re-open System Configuration but this time you remove the Safeboot mode and then restart the computer always.

Finally go to Windows 10 and work as usual, to see if the Windows Start Menu error 10 is not working anymore or not.

The above four ways will help you to fix Start Menu errors on Windows 10 is not working as well as a few bugs related to Windows 10. As mentioned above the old version of Windows 10 is still There are many errors, so if you can update Windows 10 to use more secure. What’s more, updating Windows 10 not only helps you fix some nasty bugs, but it also enhances security for Windows 10 users.