Site search opened in incognito browsing mode


History Search is an extension that remembers and saves visited web pages, including in incognito mode, that you can easily manage and access.

All modern browsers have a browser history manager for you to review your open web pages. History Search is also possible, but more special when keeping all web pages open in the browser, even in incognito mode. In it, you can easily find that website based on a word on the site that you remember. Your browsing history is accessible from any browser and on any computer through sync on your account.

History Search supports multiple browsers. Please click here or the link below to install this extension.

Using History Search, you need an account. Click the gadget icon in the toolbar > Sign up > make a registration by email address or login using your Facebook account. If you sign up by email, you activate the account in the email enrollment.

From now on, the gadget will keep the entire site you visit. To manage your open web pages, you have two options:

1. Interface utility:

Clicking the History Search icon will see all the web pages that have been opened. The gadget has a set time for each site to open. If you want to find a website in the list, just enter the keyword containing any word on the site into the Discover anything box . This is a special feature of the utility, the results will make you happy.

You can filter results by time by clicking the icon at the bottom of the search box> moving the slider. You can see the results displayed in a list or a domain name.

On each saved history, you can mark favorite (star image), preview web page image (eye), copy URL ( Copy ), delete. The utility provides a shortcut for you to turn off site preview ( Space ), open multiple web pages ( Ctrl + press select ). Bookmarking sites like, you can manage in the card with star icon.

2. On the History Search page:

You are here when you are logged in> Show All History to view your browsing history as a list or domain. From the search interface, you can search the site as above. Alternatively, you can access it by pressing the menu button in the utility interface> Web Access.

3. Other functions:

On the History Search page, you can use some of the other features of the utility.

– Import browsing history: You can save your browsing history before installing the widget. Touch Settings> Search> Import previous search.

– Blocking to save: If you do not want to keep a webpage, you can set it up for non-saved browsing when accessing the website domain. Click on Settings> Filters > enter a web address into Type or paste a URL …

For example, or

You can block subdomains by adding *

For example, * Or * .google. *

– Add a site to your favorites: Right-click on the site> History Search> Add to Favorites .

– Add a site to the air navigation list: Right-click on the site> History Search> Add to Blacklist .

– Extract: You can extract browsing history to csv by going to Settings> Control> Export .csv.

Note: The free version, you have stored up to 30 thousand web pages.

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