Simple tips to get your iPhone charged faster

Simple tips to get your iPhone charged faster

The tips below will improve your iPhone charging speed, as well as help your iPhone reach maximum battery life, limiting bottlenecks to years.


This method may not be widely adopted because the iPhone now loses the most basic features of a phone such as calling, receiving calls, messages … But thanks, the charging speed will improve More significantly, since the iPhone is now unaffected by cellular telephone waves as well as external connections.

To activate flight mode, swipe the Control Center bar and select the plane icon. Or go to Setting> Airplane mode.

Remove the phone case

When charging the battery, the temperature of the iPhone will increase, using case will make the device difficult to disperse the heat. Charging rates will also be slightly reduced, if the outside temperature is high, there is a possibility of overheating.

Do not use while charging

During charging, you can still use the functions normally. But if you feel abnormal heaters should stop using and wait until the charging process is complete to use again, avoid affecting the battery life.

Use the iPad charger

Apple allows users to use the iPad charger in common with the iPhone. The iPad has a higher charging capacity, which will allow for faster charging. IPad charger for 5.1V / 2.1A and 5.2V / 2.4A power, the iPhone charger normally only reaches 5V / 1A. However, the shortening time is negligible.

Sanitary port lightning

You notice the lightning port on the iPhone is dirty, or immediately clean it with a cotton swab, alcohol or use compressed air to remove dirt deep inside. This helps to optimize the battery charge, as well as reduce the battery life.