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In this article, we show you how to login, taking into account the traditional home page that has changed its design. To be able to login email, we need an account with the corresponding address and password.

If you have not created your Outlook email account yet, we suggest you read our detailed instructions on how to create an Outlook email account.

Before we start the tutorial, we remind you that creating the email in Outlook will also allow us to access the following Microsoft services: Office Online, OneDrive, Xbox, Skype, and Bing.

Step by step to log in to Outlook

To sign in, we must enter later in our browser. This page, as we have said many times, replaces the old Hotmail, so addresses with the domain may also redirect you to the website and you may even be logged in with the domain name.

In some countries, you can write an international domain name, such as,,,, etc. However, since you are no longer able to register your account with international domain names, we recommend using only the generic domain name

As we see in the image, the Outlook login page has two main fields that we must complete. In the above field, we will have to write our email address or phone number (in case you have registered with your number) and in the field below, we must indicate our password.

When Outlook recognizes our account, we have to click Sign in to import into our email inbox.

If you want the session to always start, you must click on the Keep Starting Session checkbox. This way whenever you open the page on your computer, you enter directly into the inbox.

We recommend that you only use this option on personal computers that other people can not access. Remember that ending with public computers is the easiest way to maintain the security of our account.

In the Outlook login page, we can also find an option to reset our password in case we do not remember it “I forgot my password”. In this case, we encourage you to visit our guide. We see you how to get

Finally look for the “Log in with a single US rule set or”. This login form is used to access our mail from a public computer and not leave any trace types on the password. If you would like to learn more about the code once, read our article STARTING EDITING IN OUTLOOK.COM WITH SINGLE CODE USE.

If this information is useful to you, do not forget to share it to help others enter your email easily and securely.