Should buy a fullframe camera or crop


This is one of the many questions that today I would like to write to express my views on camera equipment. Should have a fullframe camera or hold the crop and upgrade the lens.

What is the problem with my say through a FullFrame camera? Actually, the camera is a sensor that is nearly as large as the standard frame of a 35mm film camera (36 × 24). And what is Crop Camera? It is a 35mm film sensor smaller than the 35mm film sensor, usually 1.6 or 1.5 times 1.3 times … The size of the ASP-S sensor on a cropper is usually (23.6 × 15.6 mm).

First of all, let’s talk about the FullFrame camera line. Why everyone wants to go to Fullframe? Surely it must be more than what should be said. But why do manufacturers always produce high-end Crop … So we compare the faces to see the fullframe and crop cameras have advantages and disadvantages.

1,First to mention the price, economy.

– This factor you have to consider your economy pretty much. Why say that? Simply because you have bought a fullframe body then you have to buy a lot of money to add more lens to the machine, and of course the lens for Fullframe is not cheap, often more expensive than the lens produced for Crop. slightly. Of course, there are some third-party lenses that cost less than genuine lenses, so you might be wondering whether you should buy a genuine lens or a lens for cost savings.

For cropping machines that are made for beginners and after a while there will be higher lines, for example, Canon has 600D entry line and higher is the second line number 70D or 7D … and nikon Entry is D5200 and higher is D7200 .. or D300S most recently D500 … And besides the lens produced for Crop will be cheaper for fullframe. Another good point is that Fullframe lenses can be used for Crop, while Crop lenses for fullframes will not work well for Fullframe lenses because they will be darker or heavier depending on the lens.

2, Image quality

(*) The advantage of a fullframe camera is usually better than cropping in the following:

– Will produce less noise, better speech, but now there are some new models of cropped cameras are optimized for this point.

Wide viewing frames are easier to operate in places with wider distances and lower depth of field (DOF) than crop models.

– Fullframe will maximize the advantages of the lens produced for itself compared to the cropper in both color and sharpness, the font …

– The Dynamic Range (DR) is better than the Crop line, when you take a picture with blue clouds you will understand how important it is.

The benefits of crop cameras are that there are a few points in which to capture sports or wildlife from a distance, as the usual crop factor is 1.5. It will focalize you up close to the subject. More. Canon produced the 7D series to meet this criteria.

– Many people say using a fullframe camera will produce better images than the cropper. It depends on many factors, body only part of it. For example, the body of the lens is a very important factor. For example, you can use Canon 6D with 50F / 1.8 lens is not necessarily better than Canon 70D with 135F / 2 lens …. Apart from the above factors, many factors will affect the image quality. Including operational factors, Post-periodic editing as well as favorable environmental conditions …

3, User object

Normally, some amateurs use the camera and shoot to save money if the economy does not allow. As for service photographers, the studio or studio will try to fit the Fullframe line with people.