Share the Newspaper theme 8.8.2 (Updated)


Recently I noticed a lot of you have started to get familiar with WordPress, may be the first time people exposed to the platform as a website, it is possible that you have learned about Blogspot and now want to play Web development on a more open, more autonomous platform.

And to help you get the website, blog or news site has beautiful interface. I will share with you the latest code theme 8.95 New 8.8.2 Newspaper worth $59 on Themeforest.

Note that the WordPress WordPress theme that I share is a straightforward download from Themeforest, without inserting anything, is clean, you can rest assured.

Something about the Newspaper theme

If you are a person learning about the WordPress platform, then surely you have known the newspaper theme. This is the theme offered on Themeforest with the purchase of up to nearly 58,000. As one of the world’s most popular news and blogging themes, the Newspaper Theme gives you the best tools you can customize, creating the right interface for your site.

Recent news and blogs use the Newspaper theme a lot, and is also using this theme. With the superior features, optimized both UI / UX and optimally optimized SEO, I decided to use this Newspaper theme for the current interface.

If you do SEO, and satellite, this is one of the most used theme, optimizing SEO very well.

Features of Newspaper theme 8.8.2

  • There are 56 interfaces available for you to setup, you can preview 56 interface here: To install the interface is quite simple, 1 click only. If you do not want to use the built-in interfaces, you can set up your own.
  • The Theme Newspaper is very responsive in design, almost without any further refinement.
  • Use a fixed sidebar, very well suited to blogs that own Adsense.
  • With Tagdiv Composer, you can customize your interface with a lot of different blocks.
  • Newspaper has a built-in AMP plugin for creating mobile-friendly AMP interfaces as well as optimizing for Google.
  • Get updateable plugins for Revolution Slider and Visual Composer.
  • Supports various Widgets like Social Couter, Popular Category, Author Box, Ad Box …

  • Supports many places to place ads on the website and can customize the position displayed very easily. Even ad placements support the responsive type of Google Adsense. This is one of the reasons I like the Newspaper theme.
  • Supports the Translator option so that you can easily translate your theme into another language.
  • Support Lazy load, one of the features to speed up your website.
  • There are a lot of options for the header and footer, such as the sticky menu or customize the layout of these two sections.
  • Support SVG logo always available.
  • Newspaper has a rating option, this is a very suitable option for websites, blog reviews products based on certain criteria, rated on a 10 point scale.

That’s just a small part of the features that the Newspaper theme has, it’s not convenient to all because it’s too long, one article can not tell you all.

If you ask how compared to the Apriezt template for Blogspot that I share, how is it? Let’s say it’s more customizable than that template 100 times cwl.

Download the latest 8.8.2 Theme Newspaper

The most important thing to do is download the Newspaper theme. I have the theme Newspaper 8.8.2 on Onedrive, and you just download it.

Again, this theme is the original theme, loaded from Themeforest and not inserted or anything. To be sure you can scan the virus before using it. But do not worry, I do not trust the readers: Link Onedrive.

You can follow this article to know if you have updated version of the latest Newspaper theme. And you can follow the Theme WordPress theme to be able to download the theme of WordPress copyright that you share.