See who is following you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

See who is following you on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

Whether you’re sharing your selfie photos on Instagram, Facebook memes, YouTube videos or your LinkedIn business situation, you always want to know who’s following your words, links or photos. Knowing who is watching can help you decide what to share, who wants to reach out the most and block someone when necessary.

Unfortunately, this information is not as accessible as you might imagine. On some services you receive very little information, while other services have features that allow you to detect spammers, programs and ads.

But do not be disappointed, there are many ways to find out who is watching your online activities. A particular site that does not want to provide this feature does not imply that the third-party app does not. From Youtube subscribers to LinkedIn, friends, followers on Facebook and Instagram, we’ll explore the best ways to see who they are!

1. See who is folllowing you on Instagram

Watching your followers on Instagram has been difficult, but it’s now much easier when the service has changed dramatically last year. Just log in to the site, click the profile icon, and then touch “Followers.” By touching someone’s name, you’ll see who they follow and who’s following them. If you follow someone, just hit the green “Follow” button.

In the past, you used third-party applications but in December 2016 Instagram made major changes to the terms and conditions prohibiting third-party applications from using person information. Monitor for any purpose other than retrieving the analysis information. However, unauthorized applications still provide Instagram information stating that they should not do so. One of the best tracking apps is Followers & Likes Manager for Instagram, available for Apple devices.

2. See who is following you on Twitter

The simplest way to see who follows you on Twitter is to use the Twitter site or its application. Click on “Followers” to see who is following you. This feature is very handy, but more data is available if you know where to find them. Twitter Analytics displays your most popular tweets, the people you follow, and if you click on the Audiences link, you can see the types of followers and know where they come from.

Also you can use ManageFlitter to easily find accounts by age, who do not follow you, and which accounts appear to be fake or spam accounts so that you can deactivate automatic tracking. .

3. See who’s following you on Facebook

There are two ways to connect with people on Facebook: friends, friends who have clearly shared on Facebook and followers, who may be strangers.

Friends are always followers, but if you put your posts public, people who are not your friends can also follow you. And if you ignore or delete a friend request, they’ll automatically become followers and be able to see your public posts.

To see who is following you, visit the profile page and click on “Friends”. Then click on the “Followers” tab to display the list of followers.

Most followers are only interested in what you post, but if someone is following you for dangerous reasons, you can block individual users without disabling tracking. To do this, visit the account settings page and look for Blocking (it’s just in “Privacy”). This allows you to block everyone, restrict specific contacts, or block messages, invitations to play games. You can also block other people from contacting you via Facebook Messenger.

4. See who is watching you on LinkedIn

LinkedIn makes it easy to see who is following you. Click on the profile icon and select “Manage”, then select “Posts and activity”. You will now see a timeline with a box on the left side of the screen and options for “Manage”, “Your followers” and “Your drafts”.

Clicking on “Your followers” will see a screen of avatar images sorted by the date they watched you (the most recent followers appear at the top). You can track them back by clicking the +.

LinkedIn has another useful feature on the homepage that lets you see who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days, although to see the full list you will need to be a senior.

5. See who’s following you on YouTube

YouTube connections have three types: subscribers, commenters, and people who liked or dislike videos. To view them go to the account and click on the Creator Studio link. The Analytics section will provide an overview of the channel and information, such as viewers, time spent at the channel, device in use, etc.

The most important data you want to see here is “Your followers”, where you can see the most recent subscribers and likes and dislikes. You can see the identity of people who subscribe to your channel.

Although Google provides personality information about commenters, likes and dislikes to find out where your audience is coming from, it does not allow you to identify people who have liked or disliked the video.