Saving Mobile Data: 6 wonderful tips on iPhone

For many people who regularly use 3g/4g, running out of high-speed traffic or running out of the internet’s bandwidth is unavoidable.

1: Turn off Wifi support.

You go to Settings => Cellular (= Cellular) => down and down. Wifi support (wi-fi assist).

This is the feature that automatically turns on the data network when the wifi network is weak. But, you should turn off this feature, to avoid the mistaken case is still using wifi without knowing the machine has manually switched to 3g.

2: Disable applications that use a lot of data.

To do this, go to Settings (Cellular) => scroll down and select the application you want to turn off and then switch from On to Off.


This way, you can turn off mobile data access for data-intensive applications that will save you a significant amount of money.

3: Turn off automatic applications that use tacit data.

Apps like Messenger, Facebook, Maps, and Mail are apps that run in the background and use your mobile data to stay up-to-date. But you should turn off these applications to save battery power and 3g charge.

You need to go to Settings → General Settings and select Background App Refresh then turn off each app.

Apps that are disabled will not be able to update your information until you open it.

4: Disable auto play Facebook video

On the planet’s largest social network there are billions of videos so you should automatically convert other videos. Just watch the video you want.

Open Facebook => Menu tab => Settings & Privacy => Account Settings => Videos and Photo => In the Autoplay section you switch to Never autoplay videos. or On wi-fi conections only.

5: Disable music by mobile network.

If you listen to music on your mobile phone you can download music to listen to without the wifi, avoid using 3g / 4g to listen to music because the song also consumes a lot of data.

You go to Settings => Music => Transfer mobile data from ON to OFF items such as Stream, High quality streaming, Mobile data.

6: Watch HD videos on Youtube only with wifi.

Watching video is sure to cost a lot of 3g / 4g traffic. But if you want you can install Youtube to view only HD quality with wifi.

To make you open Youtube => go to Settings => enable the Enable HD only when using wifi.

Here are 6 simple ways you can apply to partially reduce the charge 3g/4g.