Review and share the latest Jnews free license theme

Review and share the latest Jnews free license theme

Jnews Theme WordPress is a new and emerging theme as a WordPress theme for blogs, news … the best today. So what’s Jnews that can sell well and be appreciated? This article will give you Jnews theme assessment and at the same time share Jnews the latest and free license for you.

Now, when it comes to news, magazines, or blogs on the WordPress platform, the first name to mention is the newspaper. It’s the best-selling news theme on Themeforest and is used a lot in Vietnam. If you want to download the Newspaper theme, you can visit the article: Share Free Newspaper Theme.

And now I can say that Jnews is the real counterpart to the Newspaper theme above.

So what’s Jnews attractive. Please follow the review below! Theme Jnew demo:

Rate Jnews theme

Professional interface, customizable home page

With over 30 demo interfaces on top, you can see the demo interface of the Jnews theme is very beautiful, professional.

You can easily customize the look of your home page to different themes easily by having the powerful Visual Composer support. Compared to the newspaper, Jnews may have a little bit of a tool to support this interface.

Jnews still uses Visual Composer, but almost all of its widgets have been reworked with full content rendering options for users to customize. The Newspaper theme has its own custom engine, TD Composer, which is still based on Visual Composer, but much better.

With customizable Visual Composer, Jnews allows you to create your own home page as easily as you want. And I found that, despite the use of Visual Composer to create the home page, Jnews code is very light and lightweight, lighter than the Newspaper.

Review Theme Panel

Perhaps the biggest disappointment in Jnews is the lack of a Theme Panel. If you have used the newspaper, with a theme Panel all the installation of a single place, when using Jnews, you have a slight disappointment.

Jnews puts all of its settings into the  Customize  interface in the  Appearence  section as simple WordPress themes.

I hate this Customize interface, each time custom is to wait a few seconds to reload the interface for that custom, but extremely heavy even if you are using the computer is not weak.

However, the custom Jnews in Customize will help you see your changes should be okay, and each change affects the part of the web, Jnews will change the view interface to fast. there. For example, modify the category to Jnews will change the page to a quick view of your category.


Not to mention the customization of the home page, as above I say. This section will talk about the ability to customize the rest of the web like Post, Category, archives …

Compared to the Jnews and Newspaper, I think Jnews is only 8 points, and Newspaper is 10 points.

These two themes have the ability to customize the look and feel of posts, categories, and archives that are nearly the same. However, Jnews does not have the ability to customize the post layout of each post, ie there is no option to customize the interface for that particular article, which the Newspaper has and is great. You can see that the theme of the Newspaper can have each post has a different header, Jnews only one.

Another weakness of Jnews is that it is not possible to customize the sidebar for a certain category. Previously, using the sidebar to display articles about WordPress for posts in the WordPress category, the newspaper did well, but Jnews could not cry. The Jnews theme has only general customization for the entire category, not individual categories.

In addition, almost the options of Jnews to be separated into separate plugins, instead of adding all at once. This is also why Jnews does not have a Theme Panel. You need to customize the parts, how to change the look, then you can download the plugin options from the Jnews Plugin.

Ad placement support

A WordPress news theme, the ability to support ad placements is also one of the top criteria. And with this criterion, Jnews can say is eaten Newspaper.

As a concrete example, the Newspaper theme only supports three ad placements within the article, which are top, inline, and bottom. But with Jnews theme, this number is 5, with 1 top, 1 bottom and 3 inline. Having three inline placements can help you spread your ads even more to content, especially for long articles. Also, there are two additional places outside the post layout, the top and bottom of the post, near the top and bottom of the post.

In addition to the positions put in the article, Jnews also supports other positions such as Header, sidebar or footer.

The ad slots are available with Google Adsense, you only need to provide pub id and slot code is advertising can operate immediately.

Custom Header

Speaking of headers, maybe in themes for WordPress, the best customization of the header is the famous Flatsome theme. And now, you can customize the Jnews header exactly the same way.

The Newspaper theme is just the headers available for you to use, not the ability to customize the needs.

Page load speed

A very important criterion when choosing a WordPress theme.

If you only rate page load under Google Pagespeed, you may find that both Jnews and Newspaper can be optimized to 100 points.

If you compare the speed of page load optimization, then the Jnews rating is much higher than the actual newspaper.

At the same time, Jnews support compression js, css, html, js css transfer to the bottom … Newspaper is not, you can only use the Autoptimize plugin to do this.

Both Jnews and Newspaper have Lazyload (in settings), however, I think the Lazyload of the Newspaper is just the effect, it is not actually Lazyload. I checked the number of the website request. Notice that with Jnews, whenever the mouse rolls down, the number of requests increases as the image loads. However, with the newspaper, this number fixed, which means that the images are all loaded, but the effect appears just a beautiful effect.

Also, the sense of load of the Newspaper when the ads (Adsense) is quite annoying to users. You know that when you add Adsense ads load speed will be significantly longer. Newspaper images to load after the last, after the image in Adsense, white pages make a new page appear, causing the web load is very heavy.

But Jnews does not, Jnews loads images and content very quickly and appears first, then begin loading Adsense ads.

Standard SEO data structure

By default, Jnews has greatly optimized the web, the standard SEO data structure through their Jnews Schema plugin. With this plugin, you will be able to declare complete information through the JSON LD Schema structure.

Now you just need to incorporate Jnews with a SEO plugin like Yoast SEO that is able to optimize SEO for the complete website. You can download the Yoast SEO Premium plugin you have shared here to use: Share Yoast SEO Premium license for free.

How to Download theme Jnews?

Jnews Theme is a good choice for buying WordPress theme news, press or personal blog. Compared to Newspaper, it can be seen that both are quite similar, some better Jnews options such as ad support, page load speed; but also inferior to the ability to customize, however not much.

Now, I’m going to share this Jnews theme for you, Jnews theme shared here is copyright uploaded from Themeforest and not inserted anything.

Download Jnews v2 2.1.2 free license: Here.