Remind me to take a break: Follow these steps


One of the more prominent features Google mentioned in this event is nothing less than allowing users to enable automatic reminders when watching videos for too long on Youtube. This article will guide us the operation to be able to enable this feature.

Eyes are the window of the soul and eyes are one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, so keeping and protecting our eyes is always bright and healthy. Beauty is what everyone wants to do. However, due to the nature of work that people are always eye-catching with the computer screen, laptop, tablet …

Plus it’s a huge explosion of big screen smartphones as well as the rushing development of social networking sites that makes the time when our eyes are exposed to the light from the device. electronically with a very dense frequency.

And aware of the danger of electronic devices brought to the US technology company famous Google has added a feature on the world’s largest online video entertainment platform. Youtube users can now manually activate the function to automatically remind users when watching videos for too long on Youtube. Specifically, the operation to enable this feature, will guide you to implement it.

The first step at the main interface of Youtube you access the account icon in the corner of the screen.

Then select “Settings“.

And at the interface of the set, you access the ‘Remind me to take a break‘ feature.

YouTube will provide many different reminders options, just select the time period that best suits you.

Then, if the video is over the amount of time that you have chosen, then a message will pop up and remind us to turn off the application and turn off the device to keep your eyes relaxed.

Hopefully the article above will help us to protect ourselves by our own eyes.