Recover Windows passwords with Ophcrack


At the forum and IT website there are many articles on how to crack passwords when you accidentally forget the login password. And most of these methods are based on the Hiren Boot disk, Ubuntu Live CD … but what happens when you can not recover the password? In the following article, the network administrator will introduce you another method using the support tools Ophcrack.

First, you need to visit the Ophcrack home page and download the CD image file here:

Then burn this * .iso file to CD with any supported program such as ImgBurn, UltraISO, Nero …:

If you want to use on a computer without a CD / DVD drive should use the PenDrive Linux support tools to create USB boot. When using USB boot speed and performance will be improved quite a lot, or you can back up data directly on the USB:


To create a bootable USB flash drive that supports all versions of Windows, get a free free password table here. Note that there are two types of free and paid tables, of course, the paid version will work much faster and more varied than the free version, but in return, the capacity of these is also quite different. together. Since we only use USB, we only need Vista with a capacity of 461 MB.

Then extract the table to the tablesvista_free folder on the USB and they will automatically be used by Ophcrack:

Boot from CD/USB

This is the main interface after you boot from CD/USB:

Select automatic mode and Ophcrack will automatically detect, destroy the password of all accounts on the computer. Note that if your computer boots but you just see the screen blank or Ophcrack does not work, restart and adjust the RAM allocated to the program under Options from the Boot Menu:

Depending on the complexity, short length of the password that the crack process will happen fast or slow, and with free table is downloaded in the above steps, the password can never be found. Once this process is complete, you will see the password details, record and then reboot. Or, if you can not handle a particular account, log in to the admin account and set permissions to delete the password in Windows:

Here is another way to recover your Windows password in addition to the current popular method, in case you do not use the hard drive encrypted data and password is not too complicated. Good luck!