Compare Ram DDR3 vs DDR4

Is your computer in a state of shortage of RAM and you are looking to shop for something else? But instead of asking how much memory RAM you are asked to use RAM DDR3 or DDR4? This article will help you learn about DDR3 and DDR4 RAM.

Let’s first learn about RAM


RAM (Random Access Memory) is a temporary data memory, simply RAM (DRAM) that is part of the computer, which allows the information to be stored in a short amount of time. It is the PC memory where information is stored and is where the computer software accesses the data.

So why use RAM when we have HDD and SSD? Actually reading and writing data on typical hard drives is SSD is still slower when compared to RAM. The connection between CPU and RAM is called memory bus, which is designed in terms of speed and uses only a small amount of energy to do its job.

The other way to describe it is that you have access to the hard drive as if you need to open the file cabinet, pull out a piece of paper and put it on the table and it will be a lot slower when the paper is on. desk and working floor.

DDR3 and DDR4 do not work together

The most notable difference between these two types of RAM comes from the physical pins. For DDR3 use 240 pins to connect and DDR4 this number up to 288 pins.

This also means that DDR3-based motherboards will not be able to use DDR4 due to the difference in the number of pins and if the plug can not fit. And besides, you should know that not all types of RAM work with all processors, even when it’s plugged into the motherboard.

And you can also hear RAM DDR3L, which is a RAM with the same pin number and works with all CPUs and motherboards using DDR3 RAM. The difference is that the DDR3L RAM can switch between 1.5V and 1.35V while the DDR3 RAM defaults at 1.5V.

DDR4 RAM is faster on paper

When you study the data transfer rate of RAM memory, you can see one of two speed parameters, such as million transfer per second (MT / s) or giga transfers (billion) per second (GT / s) . Higher values ​​mean more data transfer speeds at the same time. DDR4 memory can transfer data between 2133-4266MT / s and DDR3 memory can only reach data transfer rates between 800-2133MT / s.

The other number you can see is clock speed, which indicates how fast your RAM is reading and writing. The index of clockspeed is expressed in megahertz, which is the number of cycles per second the RAM can perform.

Finally, the CAS – Column Access Strobe or CL, which is often referred to as latency – is important for overall system performance and is of more interest to overclockers. system. CL is the time of a cycle in which RAM provides a portion of the data required by the CPU. So if your RAM speed is extremely fast but the latency is high then this will be the speed regulator valve.

Here is a comparison of four Corsair’s RAM:

RAM DDR4 uses lower voltages

The standard voltage of DDR3 RAM is set at 1.5V, while DDR3L uses both 1.35 and 1.5V, but for DDR4 RAM only uses 1.2V. This is not going to be a big difference when most of us use both RAM at the same time, and in short use DDR4 RAM with less voltage but you will not see any changes in the bill. monthly electricity.

Using DDR4 RAM is definitely more expensive

Take a look at the price of Corsair Dominator Platinum RAM used in the above comparison, the DDR3 itself, but in terms of speed it is faster than both DDR3L and DDR4, but only $ 115 for DDR4 will be up to $ 130.

Up to now DDR4 RAM prices have fallen dramatically, with DDR3 being the most expensive option. But for those who are not too tech-savvy, DDR3 is still the best choice for money. Use 2 bars of RAM.

So what RAM to choose?

Choosing between DDR3 and DDR4 RAM depends on the device you are using or intend to use in the future.

If you are still using motherboards that use 4-5 CPUs, you still use DDR3 (sometimes with support for up to DDR4 motherboards), so be sure to refer to the specs from producer). And if you own the latest motherboard, with the 6th generation Intel CPUs, DDR4 RAM will be a good investment for the future – it’s unbelievable that DDR4 RAM will not be used as often in time. next.

So what kind of RAM are you using, do you find it to be as good as its price and size?