Portrait with light-painting technique on…day sunny

Normally, you want to take a good picture of light-painting, so the photographer must choose at dark or in low light conditions for long exposure time. However, Eric Paré proves to us that the opposite is true. You can still do this technique at noon.

You can capture light painting in daylight, sunshine, with NiSi ND 10-stop filter. Eric Paré used the filter on a 24mm lens and set his camera to bulb mode, activated by a remote shutter.

“The trick here is to balance the three things: ambient light, camera settings and luminaire brightness,” Paré said. Because the ND filter not only filters out the sunlight, but also filters the light of his tubes as Paré uses an extremely powerful tube – which has four separate 1200 lumens (5,000 lumens) light) placed in a white T12 tube.

Video tutorials showing Eric Pare’s implementation: