Photoshop resize image


Photoshop resize image – In this article, we will learn how to adjust the image size through the basic tutorial in Photoshop! This is a necessary skill to help users get the right product for website or printing.

Photoshop resize image – Change photo size

* Image Resize Photoshop with Image Size.

Step 1: To adjust the image size in Photoshop, you need to import the image into the software. Click File> Open to open the finder and import the image into Photoshop.

Step 2: After you put the image into Photoshop, click Image> Image Size. To enable the Image Size feature quickly, we recommend using the Photoshop shortcut (Ctrl + Alt + I). Remember to use regular Photoshop shortcuts to optimize your Photoshop experience.

Step 3: In the Image Size window, you just enter the size you want to convert into the two Width and Height in the two Pixel Dimesions or Document size.

Image editing example in Photoshop

In this example, we wants to convert the image size from 550 x 389 to the new image size of 330 x 233. To edit the image size in Photoshop as desired, you just enter the parameters into two Width and Height.

And this is the result after the user resizes the image in Photoshop.

In addition to better understand the functions, you can learn the following information:

– Pixel Dimensions: Dimensions of the pixels include Width and Height. Viewers can easily see the current file size as K: Kilobytes, M: Megabytes or G: Gigabytes. In fact, more people are interested in this index.

– Document Size: The overall size of the image. Provides more customization including Width, Height and Resolution (resolution). Changing the parameters in Document Size also changes indirectly to Pixel Dimesions and vice versa.

This section also has many parameters for measuring the dimensions of the image such as cm, mm, inch, percent, point, …

– Scale Styles: Scale Styles (not important)

– Resample Image: Set image after resize with many customizations related to image quality improvement after resizing photos in Photoshop. Normally, when you enable Resample Image, you will only change the size of the Document Size as this affects all pixels in a given image.

– Constrain Proportions. This function is most important when allowing you to lock the frame rate, ie when you adjust the image size in Photoshop to the height then the width will also change.

Why is Constrain Proportions important?

You can see that the lock icon appears next to the Width and Height parameters. If you change one of the parameters, the width and height will also change accordingly.

For example, we changed the image size from 550 x 389 to 200 x 150. However, when setting the Width to 200, the Height value of the image did not change as desired. user.

To resize your photos in Photoshop, just uncheck Constrain Proportions, then click OK to resize the photo in Photoshop.

Step 4: Now after you have mastered the important information for resizing your photos in Photoshop, you can now resize your Photoshop images. Change done, click OK to see results and save to computer.

Photo after resizing photos in Photoshop.

Once you’ve changed the image size, you can use those photos to collage photos in Photoshop or learn how to insert text into the image in the most appropriate ratio. Of course, it’s important to note that resizing an image in Photoshop can be a daunting task, which can lead to degraded image quality and poor image quality.

Therefore, the advice that readers should be aware that you should carefully consider the size of the image before saving images in Photoshop on the computer, and use the Save for web function to know the quality of the image after saving. Photoshop on the machine.