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Google is an internet company that offers more than just one search engine. You can send messages using Gmail, use Google Maps to navigate, use blogs to keep your digital logs, and more. You need a Google Account for all of these services. Create one such account once, and you can sign in to all … Read moreGmail Sign up – The default IP address for some home network routers is the default local area network IP address for some home broadband routers including most Belkin models and some models from Edimax, Siemens and SMC. This IP address is placed on certain brands and models when first sold, but any router or computer on the local network can be configured to use it. All … Read more192.168.2.1 – The default IP address for some home network routers is a private IP address that can be assigned to any local area network device. It can also be assigned as the default IP address for some router models. This address can be manually assigned to devices on your local network that are configured to use this address range, such as laptops, smart TVs, … Read more192.168.100.1

Use to connect to your router. If this IP address does not work, your router will use a different router, which you can find with our IP Search Guide for Windows, Android, Mac OS, Linux, and iOS. IP address is the specific address specified by some router manufacturers in their device’s hardware settings … Read more192.168.1.254 is the second most commonly used IP address to access the modem/router configuration page (in most cases, the default IP address is If you need to access your router/modem’s configuration page, just click this link or copy/paste it into your browser’s address bar: If you just purchased your modem/router, you must enter … Read more192.168.0.1

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What is Gmail? Gmail launched on April 1, 2004, originally thought to be Google’s quote when Gmail provided 1GB of storage. By 2009, Gmail is in beta, and people are now free to create their own email with services provided by Google. Now, among the free email services available, Gmail is the most popular, it … Read moreGmail login