Offline Gmail mode: read, write and search email

Offline Gmail mode: read, write and search email

Google has added another great feature to their recently released Gmail web version. With offline mode, you can now read, write and search email in Gmail even when you do not have an internet connection.

A few weeks ago, Google launched a new web app for its Gmail email service, which you can try now. According to Google’s announcement, Gmail 2.0 will be gradually expanded and enhanced by other features until it eventually replaces the previous Gmail view.

Since the weekend in Gmail 2.0 also has an offline feature, you can use the majority of the interface even without an Internet connection. This eliminates Google a great disadvantage of running web applications without additional software just on an existing Internet connection.

Additional settings

You can enable offline functionality in your new Gmail through settings in a tab called “Offline.” Here you can choose to save only messages in the last seven days or for one or even three months on the computer.

Plus, Gmail automatically downloads attachments to your computer. Additional security available will automatically remove downloaded downloads when you sign out of your Google Account from a computer. What’s missing so far is the limit of downloading e-mails over WLAN connections. So, if you go online with an LTE-enabled tablet and get tons of emails, you might want to turn it off to save on your wallet.

Previously, you could use the same functionality with the help of the Chrome app. However, Google will soon stop supporting this extension, which is why switching to Gmail is really the way to go.

With Gmail 2.0, at least Google should temporarily extend almost exclusively to the Chrome browser again. Offline functions require at least Chrome 61. Until Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge support this feature at some point, you should skip a moment.