– Automatically install and update software quickly


You are looking for an application that can help you install many popular softwares with just one click and this application will update the latest software from the developer. With Ninite, you will be able to install many software in a simple way.

Normally, to back up software applications installed on Windows, you can create a complete Windows copy that saves Ghost or creates a Windows Backup. But you still have a pretty effective way that is installed directly on the Internet applications from

How does help you? is the website that provides most of the essential applications for Windows and Linux computers.

Some popular softwares are sorted by categories such as:

  • Browser: Chrome, Firefox, Opera, ..
  • Compression: Winrar, Zip, Extract 7zip, ..
  • Messaging: Yahoo, Skype, Pigin, …
  • Media: itune, VLC, KMPlayer, Media Player Classic, GOM Video Player …
  • Online Storage: OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox, Skydrive, …
  • Office Documment: Adobe PDF Reader, SumatraPDF, Lightweight PDF Reader, Foxit Reader, Alternative PDF Reader, CutePDF, LibreOffice Free Office, ..
  • There are also some other plausible software.

When you visit the Web site, you select the applications that you want to install for Windows. Ninite provides you with software utilities for both Linux and Windows operating systems.

Install software with Ninite

Step 1: Visit the website:

Step 2: At the Ninite homepage, select the software you want to install through the categories are very intuitive. Then select Get Installer.

The application is downloaded to the computer. You run the executable file exe. Then the application will automatically download and install the software to the computer.

Finally, just wait until the download and installation process is complete. You can then use the software on Windows.


This is a very useful new site for you to reinstall Windows, or Ubuntu. Please save your browser book or save this website address somewhere. There will be times when you need it.