If you are running a Windows machine with different processors paired up. Then during software installation or Windows update, it is possible that you may receive the MULTIPROCESSOR CONFIGURATION NOT SUPPORTED error. This error check has a value of 0x0000003E. This also indicates that the processors are asymmetric in relation to each other. If you want to upgrade, you need to have all the same type and level of processor. In this tutorial, we will help you solve this blue screen problem on Windows 10.


This blue screen error can happen in different situations. It may appear during the installation of Windows 10, when the driver updates or when shutdown, the chance of getting a blue screen is very high. If you see this error, here are a few things you can try to fix.

Disable Hyper-Threading trong BIOS

Hyper-threading allows a processor (multi-threading) to run multiple tasks simultaneously. To turn off this feature, restart the PC and boot into the BIOS. To know how to enter the BIOS for the machine, you can visit here . After entering the BIOS, look for the Hyper-Threading option and turn it off. Then save and exit.

Although Hyper-Threading is only used when needed, some OEMs do not offer the option to disable this feature. If so, you can not do much.

Disable Virtualization trong BIOS

Virtualization allows users to run a single physical resource such as a server. In the previous article I have been instructed how to enable this feature to fix VMware errors, AMD-V, VT-x is disabled when running the virtual machine. Now we’re going to turn it off. To do this you need to boot into the BIOS and look for the Security option. You should be able to find Virtualization Technology or VTX in the options. Turn off and restart your PC.

While Windows 10 also offers features like Device Security for Core Isolation and Memory Integrity, shutting them off at software level will not help. When you can resolve this error, you can further research and see which software or hardware fixes can help you further.

Check for BIOS update

Updating the BIOS is a good idea to fix the blue screen error on Win 10. You can search and download the BIOS updates on the OEM home pages for installation. Updates often provide improvements and bug fixes that will eventually help software maintain compatibility between hardware and software.