LyricsPoster – Creating a poster based on lyrics!

In today’s article, I will guide you to create a poster from any photo and use the lyrics in it. Interesting is not it!

To create a poster from the photo and lyrics as you like we will need LyricsPoster. I will guide this simple trick right below.

First of all, prepare a large enough picture and a good song or lyrics to use for the poster. The LyricsPoster  tool is very easy to use, so you can customize the font, font size, etc. to make the poster more unique.

Here are the steps to create a poster from the photo and lyrics to your liking:

Step 1: Click on the LyricsPoster link here, click Start to start creating a new poster.

Step 2: Click on Select Image and choose a picture that you like, so choose a large resolution, detail to poster beautiful. Then click Apply.

Here I choose the cover of the song I love you.

Step 3: Click on the arrow below to enter the lyrics. 

To enter the lyrics you can give an arbitrary lyrics in the Enter your song lyrics section. Then click Apply. Here, I choose the lyrics of people I love to enter.

Step 4: You can customize some more elements such as background, font, font size, … finally click Apply. 

This is the result after implementation, the original image has a very large resolution so I cropped it to fit the article.