LogMeIn Hamachi Central User Guide – How to Connect

Hamachi is a VPN – (Virtual Private Network) on the Internet. Each computer connected to the Hamachi network will be assigned a first ID. Servers will have a “routing” intermediary for clients connected to each other, forming a virtual LAN over the Internet.

Once connected, clients no longer need additional support from the Hamachi server.

Download Hamachi LogMeIn application and install it here.

Once you have downloaded and successfully installed the screen, a click on the Power On button will appear.

A popup window appears, your task now is to enter the name of your computer and click on Create.

Now Hamachi will start and run. Click Create a new network to create a new virtual network.

A new window pops up asking you to enter the Network ID and password.

Once you have entered the Network ID and password, click on Create, a new virtual network will be created.

Your next task is to get another computer and install Hamachi. However, this time, select Network Menu and then select Join an existing network. You will be asked to enter a Network ID and password that you have set up before. After entering, click Join and wait for a while.

So you are connected to your own VPN. You can access all the connected computers. Just right click on the computer you want to access and select Browse.

If you want other people to connect to your VPN, send them a Network ID and password. Note that their computer must also install Hamachi.

When both computers install LogMeIn Hamachi, you can share files and folders.