[Learn to take a photo] Low angle shooting – The look of ants


Imagine, on a sunny day, you are walking on a walkway or a street, with the camera in hand. Suddenly, there is something that makes your favorite photo shoot. What do you do ? If you are a photo enthusiast, you stop immediately, creasing the camera to the eye. Your thumb press the shutter button several times and you take the eyes of the LCD monitor to review. Feeling satisfied, you go forward, while the eyes seek another opportunity. That habit forms the bulk of your shooting practice, and so on.

One day, while reviewing the photos I took, you suddenly realized one thing – they all looked strange. Sure, reviewing your photos, you realize there’s a kind of perspective in all the photos – they’re all taken from an unchanging perspective. Maybe your camera is set up perfectly, your exposure settings set very accurately. But when looking closely at the photos, they give off something that’s boring, repetitive, or even less impressive. And all that comes from the perspective.

Change the way you look

Like many things in life, photography can also become a kind of inertia. People are easy to fall into a path without realizing it. Our first approach to photography is to start with the camera’s mechanism of operation – focal length, shutter speed, aperture and ISO – and once we’re good at it, we Gradually move to layout. However, we always keep the basics with the camera, but do not care about the viewing angle. That is why many photos are so tedious because of repetitive situations, while having a look is one of the easiest and most effective ways to improve the layout of the image.

Views related to training the eye to recognize opportunities happen only once and make them stand out by pointing the camera in. Climbing the tree, lying down on the ground, pointing the lens through the fence gap – that is, combining physical activity with your shooting practice. There are times in which normal angles can still produce beautiful pictures. But keep in mind that the way you look at a photo is always a choice – do not waste the opportunity to create a unique photograph by insisting on taking a photo with a traditional look.

Do it now

Photography is usually to find a unique point of view and explore a subject through a creative perspective. Changing the position of the camera is a great way to look at your perspective, and taking low-angle shots can produce interesting results. The lower the camera, the more attractive the effect, so do not be afraid to experience the camera position change.

One big advantage of this type of shooting is that the ground creates a stable position, and do not forget to experiment with slow shutter speeds. Put the camera on the ground – remember that the lower the camera, the more attractive the effect.

Way to see what you intend to take a photo

If a camera with a rotating LCD in this shooting angle is a convenience. One of the difficulties of shooting with a lower camera is when the viewfinder does not have the best viewing angle. Unless you are lying flat on the ground, or have a rotating LCD screen, seeing what you plan to shoot may be difficult. Try shooting and will be used!

An ant look

Taking a picture from a low point of view is not only fun for photographers. Other views often affect the viewer’s experience. From a low viewpoint, the ground and the skyline intersect or intertwine between subjects, creating a spotlight and directing the view of the image. When all these sites suddenly appear, they also draw attention to the texture of the surroundings.

The unusual look of shooting from the ground level also makes the foreground objects appear larger than the background, reflecting our own perception. The photo becomes attractive under the viewer’s eyes, because it looks familiar and different.


Knowing the way to look is a really simple way to make your photos more dynamic. Once you get used to it, it’s hard to quit!

Once you’ve mastered the low-angle shooting, you’ll start to have more unique photo opportunities around you. Not many people get the chance to catch a scene from low to high. But as photographers, we have the tools and know how to shoot in different ways from the ordinary and share them with everyone. Mix with the surrounding environment to get excellent shots. And do not be afraid to put your camera on the ground occasionally to take pictures.